Ectoplasmic Sample


Image FilledtestTube25.jpg
Description This test tube is filled with a wispy vapor. It really looks like a cheap special effect, maybe some dry ice and water, but you know better.
Type Misc


With a Myers Sampling Kit equipped, drops from

toolbox.jpg bloody hand, hand of glory, misty gem, psychopath's knife, sailing shirt, sailing pants, sailing cap, smoking talons, trophy talons


Start an unstable reaction between an Ectoplasmic Sample and Fine Hound Dust
Fine Hound Dust Ectoplasmic Sample
= Burning Ectoplasm
Steep a shriveled hand in an ectoplasmic sample
Shriveled Hand Ectoplasmic Sample
= Hand Of Glory
Anoint a Handmade Pistol with an Ectoplasmic Sample
Learn recipe from misty pill.
Ectoplasmic Sample Handmade Pistol
= Killer Pistol
Soak some Anxiety Medication in an Ectoplasmic Sample
Anxiety Medication Ectoplasmic Sample
= Misty Pill
Drench a length of Sea Vine in an Ectoplasmic Sample
Sea Vine Ectoplasmic Sample
= Sargasso Vine
Infuse a Silver Ingot with an Ectoplasmic Sample
Requires the Mercy Killer skill
silver ingot ectoplasmic sample
= shining ingot
Analyze an Ectoplasmic Sample with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Ectoplasmic Sample
= Information
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities
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