Edible Mushroom


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Description Hard to say in general, but you're fairly sure this mushroom is edible.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You eat the mushroom cautiously. Doesn't taste like much of anything, but pretty filling. Don't think you're poisoned.
Multi You throw caution to the wind and toss back a handful of mushrooms. They don't taste like much, honestly, but you don't die from any poison.

So, not all bad.
Effects Gain 2-3 Energy (normal)
Gain 3-4 Energy (sunless)


Defeating a Mushroom Harvester or Mushroom Scout
Using a filthy old sack
Fighting with Spore Cloud
Painting mushrooms with Stolen Artistry
Dockside Sewers encounters: Mushroom Grove, Mushroom Man, Mushroom Picking
Mushroom Cavern encounters: Cavern Grove, Mushroom Servant
Sewer Hideout encounters: Mushroom Guide (probably)

Black spores in agar powder instantly sprout into mushrooms
Creates 3-5 mushrooms
Black Spores Agar Powder
= Large mushroom, Edible Mushroom, Red Toadstool, Warty Toadstool, Delicious Puffball, Giant Puffball, Shaman Staff, Destroying Angel
Fertilize some Black Spores with Bat Guano
Black Spores Bat Guano
= 2-4 of edible mushroom, giant puffball, warty toadstool, large mushroom, red toadstool, destroying angel, delicious puffball, shaman staff


Skewer two Edible Mushrooms
Edible Mushroom Edible Mushroom
= Mushroom Skewer
Fry up an Edible Mushroom with Dry Rice
Edible Mushroom Dry Rice
= Mushroom Stir Fry
An Edible Mushroom with Egg Noodles
Edible Mushroom Egg Noodles
= Mushroom Stroganoff
Fold an Egg over an Edible Mushroom
Edible Mushroom Egg
= Mushroom Omelette
Skewer an Edible Mushroom and some Yellow Shelf Fungus
Yellow Shelf Fungus Edible Mushroom
= Mushroom Skewer
Skewer a Burger Cap and another Edible Mushroom
Burger Cap Edible Mushroom
= Mushroom Skewer
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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