Editing By ID

There are many things in the game that use an "ID" system to track things from a technical perspective - anything that shows a description in the right pane has an ID. As Kinak puts items in the game, they get sequentially higher ID's in order, so the ID lists can be used to find gaps for undiscovered items. (Note: some items get created but then never get put in the game, so there will be some permanent gaps in the list.)

Currently known things that are identified this way are:

To find out the ID of an item/effect/skill/tool/technique:
- Click on the item/effect/etc to bring up the description in the right pane.
- Check the URL of the description (in firefox, right click, choose "Open frame in new window", and look at the address bar)
- You should have something like:


where 895 is the ID of red lensed goggles

All the ID's in the game are being tracked in the following pages:

Other things in game known to have ID numbers but not currently obtainable by users:

  • Contacts
  • Opponents
  • Encounters
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