Electronics Ingredients

The following items can be used in electronics crafting to produce new devices.

Experimental Crafting

You can try combining one circuit with one device:



Learned Recipes

Quest Devices

  • Biomonitor Circuit - Connect two frayed cables to a signal analysis circuit for a basic life-monitoring system.
  • Capacitor Array - Set up four microcapacitors to hold far more charge.
  • Core Formatter - Build your own Core Formatter using a mesh of four Signal Analysis Circuits and four Thick Cablings around the central unit made from a Gold Processor and two Unformatted Memory Cores (3 Energy)
  • Elevator Controls - Cobble together a control system out of two Signal Analysis Circuits, some Thick Cabling, and a Large Motor.
  • Gold Processor - Coat a Processor Chip's connections with Gold Foil
  • Juryrigged Bridge - Construct a temporary neural bridge from a Safety Loop two Frayed Cables and some Circuit Fragments.
  • Magnetic Coil - Charge two coils of Thick Cabling with a Capacitor Array
  • Memory Stick - Piece a usable stick together from six Circuit Fragments
  • Mimetic Sheet - Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel two Gold Foils and four Formatted Memory Cores
  • Neural Mesh - Arrange two Biomonitor Circuits two Signal Buffers and five Artificial Neural Fibers
  • Optical Array - Interface four Optical Sensors through a Signal Analysis Circuit and a Targeting Circuit for control
  • Processor Chip - Cobble a chip together from four Circuit Fragments and a Polysteel base.
  • Safety Loop - Set a Signal Analysis Circuit to watch the signals on a Frayed Cable
  • Signal Analysis Circuit - Reconstruct four circuit fragments into a simple circuit.
  • Signal Buffer - Pair a Signal Analysis Circuit with a Capacitor Array
  • Targeting Circuit - Combine two optical sensors and a signal analysis circuit into a primitive targeting system.
  • Thick Cabling - Twine two frayed cables into one thick functional cable.
  • Twitch Controller - Rig up two Optical Sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit for lightning fast control

Non-Quest Devices

  • Comm Dish - Construct a comm dish for your gang from forty Dish Segments, four Polysteel Supports, four Magnetic Coils, a Buffered PDA running Signal Finder, and a Comm Dish Core (10 Energy)
  • Personal Comm Dish - Construct it from four Dish Segments, a Magnetic Coil, a Buffered PDA running Signal Finder, and a Comm Dish Core (5 Energy)
  • Homemade Laser - Charge an Artificial Hound Crystal with a Capacitor Array, then reflect it between a Shining Ingot and a Black Silver Ingot backed with some Powdered Glass. Then encase the works in Polysteel. (5 Energy)
  • Skeletal Cyberarm - Articulate two Artificial Bones with two Cybernetic Interfaces (2 Energy)
  • Skeletal Cyberleg - Articulate two Artificial Bones with two Cybernetic Interfaces (2 Energy)
  • Exposed Skull - Seal together two Artifical Bones (2 Energy)
  • Recording Bone Leg - Fit a Biomonitoring Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores into a Skeletal Cyberleg (2 Energy)
  • Gesturing Bone Arm - Wire a Skeletal Cyberarm with a Twitch Controller and a Neural Bridge (2 Energy)
  • Crystal Focus Skull - Attach two Artificial Hound Crystals and two natural Hound Crystals to an Exposed Skull (2 Energy)
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