Elegantly Torn Pants


Image Torn-Jeans.jpg
Description Nothing says "rich" like paying a ton for clothes that look like something you'd find in a dumpster. Thankfully, this pair was stolen from those rich people, so you don't have to feel quite as hypocritical.

Unlike real torn pants, these are still quite solid. They'd actually form the underpinning for some pretty good armor if you found something to patch them with.

In the meantime, they're easy to move in. And, if you're up to feeling smug, you're both stylish and sticking it to the Man, giving you two rather solid reasons.
Type Pants (Usable)
Hidden Flags Bum Disguise
Use If you have used no patches:
You look at your pants for a while. They're stylish enough, but they'd probably be better in your line of work if you patched them up a bit.

Or, if you've have at least 25 energy of one of the patch effects and/or at least 50 energy of one of the reinforcement effects:
You tear at your pants, saving anything that looks like it might come in handy. (gain various patches back)

Or if you have less than 25 energy of one of the patch effects and/or less than 50 energy of one of the reinforcement effects:
You tear at your pants, returning them to their naturally dilapidated state.
Effects +2 Reflexes
+2 Will


Zack's House of Coins, originally released on January 21, 2010 (2 unearthly coins)


Obtaining Patches and Reinforcements

While you have the pants equipped, human and humanoid (e.g. ghouls) opponents may drop patches and cloth. They type(s) of patches and/or cloth opponents may drop depends on the kind(s) of techniques in their deck. (Which techniques they actually use in the fight don't seem to matter.) Patches always have their base effect when used; they may also have additional effects when used in combination with certain kinds of reinforcements (see below). Each "Patch" item used gives 25 energy of its effect.

Item Drops from
Opponents Using
Effect Name Base Effect + Power Effect + Encounter Effect
Slightly increases:
bloodied patch Ranged Bloodied Patch +1 Perception +1 Ranged Power Chance of PvP Encounters
charred patch Fire Charred Patch +1 Fire Defense +1 Fire Power Chance of Choice Encounters
Eclipse patch Etheric * Eclipse Patch +1 Will +1 Etheric Power Chance of Etheric Encounters
fist patch Melee Fist Patch +1 Strength +1 Melee Power Chance of Combat Encounters
peace patch Evasion Peace Patch +1 Reflexes +1 Evasion Power Chance of Noncombat Encounters
black cloth scrap Stealth (rare?) (see below)
tough cloth Any humanoid? (see below)

* Only when you are Etheric?

Using armory, you can combine scraps of cloth with other materials to make extra-durable reinforcements for your pants. (Black cloth scraps and tough cloth also count as reinforcements even though they do not need to be crafted.) Some reinforcement effects grant additional bonuses to any patch effects you have active, as noted below. Each reinforcement item used gives 50 energy of its effect.

Item Effect Name Base Effects Effect on Patches Recipe
black cloth scrap Black Pants +2 Stealth Power (none) -
black silver cloth Black Silver Patching +5 Stealth Power + Encounters black cloth scrap +
black silver ingot
hardened cloth Hardened Patching +5 Melee Defense
-2 Reflexes
+ Power tough cloth +
hardened plastic
improvised ballistic cloth Ballistic Patching +5 Ranged Defense
-2 Reflexes
+ Power tough cloth +
ballistic plastic
layered aquatic fabric Scuba Patching +2 Melee Defense
-2 Will
(Hidden: +1 Diving Ability)
Doubles Base Effect tough cloth +
wetsuit fabric
reinforced cloth Reinforced Patching +3 Melee Defense Doubles Base Effect tough cloth +
shining cloth Shiny Patching +5 Etheric Defense + Encounters tough cloth +
shining ingot
slimy cloth Reactive Patching +5 Reactive Defense + Power tough cloth +
reactive gel
spiked cloth Spiked Patching +3 Melee Power
Leaves Jagged Wounds
+ Power black cloth scrap +
stone spider chitin
scorched glass shards
steel scrap Steel Patching +2 Melee Defense
+2 Ranged Defense
+ Power tough cloth +
steel ingot
tough cloth Patched Pants +2 Melee Defense (none) -

Using Patches, Reinforcements, and the Pants

You may have at most two different patch effects and one reinforcement effect active at any given time. Using a patch when you have no patch effects active, or adding additional energy to a patch effect you already have active by using another patch gives you this message:

You carefully add the patch to your pants.

Using a second kind of patch when you already have one patch effect active gives you this message:

You add another patch to your pants.

Trying to add a third patch effect gives you this message:

There isn't really anywhere good to put your patches on your pants.

Using a reinforcement when you have no reinforcement effects active, or adding additional energy to a reinforcement effect you already have active by using another reinforcement gives this message:

You carefully patch and reinforce your pants.

Trying to add a second reinforcement gives you this message:

Adding another layer to your pants would be weird. You're sure the current patching will wear out eventually, though.

If you use the pants while you have the effect(s) from one or more patches and/or reinforcements active, you will receive one of the appropriate patch/reinforcement item for each 25 full energy (patches) or 50 full energy (reinforcements) of each effect remaining. Any remaining effect energy is lost and does not yield a patch or reinforcement item.

If you unequip your elegantly torn pants, all energy of any patch/reinforcement effect(s) disappear, but all remaining energy of the effect(s) will return when you re-equip them.

Other Uses

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.

Remaining Mysteries

According to Podcast 12, there's no undiscovered content associated with this item (apart from the then-unknown hidden synergies between patches and reinforcement).

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