Emerald Gift In Person



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

The current of the crowd has guided you to the end of the ballroom where Emerald Gift is performing. There's still a wall of people between you and stage, but you could probably push forward a few steps and get a clear view of the performers.

Summary of Choices

  1. Listen - something happens
  2. Head up - something happens
    1. Singer
    2. Guitarist
    3. Keyboardist
    4. Turn back
  3. Mingle - something happens
  4. Leave the crowd - something happens

Choice Text and Results



They begin their song "Bridge to the Crystal City."

A massive crystalline bridge appears above the stage, obviously an illusion, but one that makes reality feel all the poorer for not having such a thing.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.

Next time:


They begin their song "Lament of the Rag Man."

A massive image of the titular figured covered in rags appears above the stage, arcs of green energy crackling around it.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.

Next time:


They begin their song "Forgotten Depths."

An image appears of a monstrous shark, swimming its way through the crowd.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.

Next time:


They begin their song "Call of the Herald."

A familiar woman, cast of living green flame, appears on the dance floor. Emerald Gift pauses for a moment in reverence.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live

Head up

You push and elbow your way close to the stage. You're in range now to actually see the individual performers. They have a singer, guitarist, and keyboardist but none of them seem bound by your expectations.

From listening to the music, you're almost surprised they even have a guitarist. You can see what he's doing now, but it's so strange as to sound like more synthesis from the keyboard.



You watch their singer, well, it's not exactly singing that she does… it's more of a pleasant whispering. You can't get close enough to hear her directly, you'd probably have to be right up on stage, but the microphone and speakers do a good job making her almost audible.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.



You edge in a bit closer to watch the guitarist. He stares glassily into space, plucking the strings without seeming to even realize he's doing it.

It might be that you're just not used to pre-electric guitars, but the range and emotion he can drag out of it are almost surreal. It's mostly just a few sparkling notes of ornamentation here and there, but it really bridges the gap between the synthesized notes and the whispering vocals.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.



The Emerald Gift's keyboardist is certainly a spectacle. With his shaved head and cybernetics, he looks more like the kind of slave worker Midgard accuses all its adversaries of using than a musician.

However, between the keyboard and the cybernetic links, he seems to have an absurd level of control over the eerie foundation of Emerald Gift's music. Of course, you might too, if you could control your instrument directly with your brain.

You've gained 50 energy of Emerald Gift Live.

Turn back

(after having chosen to Walk Away from this encounter once already?)


You push back through the crowd. They seem even more annoyed the second time, forcing you to really put your back into it.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength



You spend a little time mingling with fans who are far more hardcore than you. All of them were around for last year's performance and spent the intervening twelve months in the pits of despair, until a cloud broke earlier this month and they found their band was coming back.

Man, it'd be nice if the biggest problem in your life were whether your favorite band will be performing.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Leave the crowd


You push your way back out through the crowd. It's tough going, but at least people seem willing to move… probably so they can take your spot a step closer to the stage.

See Walk Away

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