Emerald Gift Party

Intro Text


If you have not used an Emerald Gift ticket

The security guards turn you away but one gestures towards the Happy Hour south of the Quad. "Sorry you're not on our list, but there's another party down there."

Or, if you have used an Emerald Gift ticket

A security guard makes sure you've turned in a ticket, then waves you through. Emerald Gift doesn't seem to be here yet, but the ballroom is already packed. It's probably best that they restricted tickets.

Combat Encounters

Opponent Text Notes
Bat Swarm As you make your way through the hall, a faint movement in the darkness resolves into a massive swarm of shrieking bats. Only if Etheric

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Results Notes
Candy Gifting
Helloooo Nurse!
Another Vampiress in Costume
Trances from the Green Only if Etheric
Massive Speakers With no energy of Emerald Gift Live when the concert started
Waning Emerald Only if Etheric, following Trances from the Green

Choice Encounters

Costumed Pimp

  1. Hold out your hand - Gain 4 XP in Will
  2. Hold out your bucket - Get 2-3 marshmallow bats
  3. Attack him - something happens
  4. Wave him off - this section can just be copied from the location page

Emerald Gift on Stage

  1. Listen -
  2. Head up -
    1. Singer -
    2. Guitarist -
    3. Keyboardist -
    4. Turn back -
  3. Mingle -
  4. Leave the crowd -

Pumpkin Lantern

  1. Bask in the glow - something happens
  2. Steal it - something happens
  3. Smash it - something happens
  4. Leave it - this section can just be copied from the location page

Neglected Candy Bowl

  1. Take a few -
  2. Take the bowl -
  3. Distribute some -
  4. Turn down candy -

Concert Starting Soon

  1. Head towards the stage -
  2. Keep mingling -
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