Emerald Meditation


Image souvenir-book-25.jpg
Description You know entirely too much about the band Emerald Gift. Perhaps with some other band, that knowledge wouldn't twist Eclipse and give you strange visions when you close your eyes, but you don't have the knowledge to back that up.
When Used

Strange shapes and half-memories slip around at the back of your mind. You just need to bring them to the surface somehow.


Using an Emerald Gift scrapbook


Consumes Eclipse in your system in exchange for summoning various sketches. The cost of summoning increases each time you use it in a day, but resets at rollover. Other Etheric-type effects that can be used to power etheric techniques can also be used (see etheric for details). This skill and other Summoning Skills share the same counter for summoning costs.

Summon Cost Total cost
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31
6 32 63
7 64 127
n 2nā€“1 2nā€“1

If you focus once, with enough energy of Etheric:


You focus on the images hiding in the back of your mind, pulling <one forward/them forward one at a time>. The next thing you know, you're staring down at <a sketch/some sketches>.

You're fairly sure you didn't draw <that/them>, but <it does/they all do> look awfully familiar.

You found: (one of items below)

You learned a new Technique: Channel Inspiration. (You get this rarely (if ever?) on your first couple summons, with increasing chance the more you do in a day. It doesn't seem to matter if your previous summons were from Emerald Meditation or other summoning skills.)

You've summoned <n> items today.

If you are not Etheric:

You're not really in the right state of mind for that right now.

If you do not have enough energy of Etheric to focus even once:

You don't feel up to doing that again right now.

Summary of summons

Item Effect (20 turns) Result Channel Inspiration
souvenir-book-25.jpg  inspiringly direct sketch Inspired Force +2 Melee Defense
+2 Melee Power with Eclipse
Melee attack
souvenir-book-25.jpg  inspiringly detailed sketch Eyes of the Inspired +2 Ranged Defense
+2 Ranged Power with Eclipse
Ranged attack
souvenir-book-25.jpg  inspiringly cyclic sketch Fires of Inspiration +2 Fire Defense
+2 Fire Power with Eclipse
Fire attack
souvenir-book-25.jpg inspiringly strange sketch Inspired Imagination +2 Etheric Defense
+2 Etheric Power with Eclipse
Etheric attack
souvenir-book-25.jpg  inspiringly creepy sketch Inspired Movements +2 Stealth Defense
+2 Stealth Power with Eclipse
Stealth attack
emeraldbridge25.jpg lonely travel sketch Defense of the Gift +4 Evasion Power with Eclipse Nothing?
portal25.jpg swirling maelstrom sketch Call of the Gift +2 Chance of Etheric Encounters Nothing
emeraldcity25.jpg gruesome battle sketch Battle for the Gift +2 XP each combat Nothing?
SquareSheet.jpg truly abstract sketch Extends any of above effects by 20 turns, or if energy of them, lose all energy of Defense of the Gift, Call of the Gift, and Battle for the Gift, and fight a Flickering Guard

The lonely travel sketch, swirling maelstrom sketch, and gruesome battle sketch all extend any energy of Emerald Gift or Emerald Gift Live by 20 turns

Attempting to use one of the "inspiring" sketches while you have an "inspired" effect already active:

Your brain is still chewing on that last sketch. Looking at this one before you've figured it out is just going to give you a headache.

Technique Summary

Chain Technique Type Attribute Notes
channelinspiration.jpg Channel Inspiration None Will Hoo boy. Just look at the technique page, OK?
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