Emotional Glow


Image emotionalglow.jpg
Description Use the Moodlight Glove to cover your approach
Chain 5
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You attempt to surprise <opponent> with a charging punch, but it falls far short of the mark.
With Moodlight glove equipped 4
You hide your fist in a brilliant glow while charging <opponent> for X stealth damage.
Following an emotional Flowing Glow or Piercing Glow 10
You crash your blinding fist into <opponent> for X stealth damage.
With Moodlight glove equipped, against opponents with no/protected eyes -
You maneuver closer to <opponent> and attempt to connect with your glowing fist, but <it> sees through your ruse.


After combat with the Moodlight glove, sometimes? (After using Moodlight Blinding?)


Enhances Moodlight Blinding if "crashing" (following Piercing Glow?)

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