Employee IDs


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You batter the system with false entries, crashing it out. ? Removes routine
Command The tables here are expecting some extremely specific form of data. You're not quite sure what it's looking for, but what you're sending isn't it. ?
Command, after some trigger? You manually hammer together a string of characters generic enough you're fairly certain it'll match your retinas. Fairly certain. ? Lets you use a retinal scanner? 1 XP in Perception, 1 XP in Will
Command, after above result You rerecord your retinal data. Still looks like a string of gibberish, but should work. ?
View You scan through the system, finding that it has a fairly small number of records… probably just for workers in this facility. Each record has an ID number and a complex string of gibberish labeled as a retinal map, but nothing like names or pay rates or medical history. ?
1 View
OR - just 1 Command+4? CF
OR 1 View + 4? CF
You trick the system into accepting your comm as a valid input for the retinal maps and transfer an extreme close-up over. It's simultaneously annoying and not at all surprising that Midgard made a proprietary file format for that. 0
V + C?
or just C?
There's definitely some tool that's intended to be used to add new records to the system. ?
Defense ?
Other The file system seems content to leave you alone. ?


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