Empty Clip


Image ClipofBullets.jpg
Description This clip of bullets has been emptied out and is ready for a new set. Won't do much of anything for the moment.
Type Misc


Using armory supplies
Gang Scrap Pit (Outside the Slags)
Encounter: Buried Lab: Surveillance Room
Encounter: 5th Floor: Command Guidance System (High Altitude).
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Reroute shipment on an Antiques Shop website.

toolbox.jpg clip of explosive bullets, clip of silver bullets, long clip, metallic powder rounds, shotgun rounds, smart clip, etc.


Load some Bone Flakes into an Empty Clip
Empty Clip Bone Flakes
= Bone Rounds
Fill an empty clip with a silver ingot
Empty Clip Silver Ingot
= Clip of Silver Bullets
Pack an empty clip with some Metallic Powder
Empty Clip Metallic Powder
= Metallic Powder Rounds
Jury-rig an empty clip with some polysteel
Empty Clip Polysteel
= Shotgun Rounds
Trace your bullets with an Empty Clip and Targeting Circuit
Quest recipe: Learn from crafting an armory recipe that uses an empty clip, with tactical goggles equipped
Empty Clip Targeting Circuit
= Chipped Tracers
Melt Rendered Stone into an Empty Clip
Rendered Stone Empty Clip
= Rendered Bullet
Fill an Empty Clip with Ghoul Teeth
Empty Clip Ghoul Teeth
= Clip of Teeth
Break down Stone Spider Chitin to fit in an Empty Clip
Empty Clip Stone Spider Chitin
= Chitinous Bullets
Fill an Empty Clip with old-fashioned Lead
Empty Clip Lead
= Lead Bullets
Weaponize an Empty Clip with Pistol Fittings
Quest recipe: Learn by crafting anything using pistol fittings, with Family Weaponry skill.
Empty Clip Pistol Fittings
= Zipgun
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Arms
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