Encrypted Data


Image Data-Vault.jpg
Type ??

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
2? Offense Your attack cuts through the vault's walls and it explodes with a blinding flash, taking its data along with it. It's probably safe to assume they have a backup somewhere, but these people obviously take their secrecy seriously. ? Removes Routine, Gain 1 XP
1 C + 1 V You test the vault's commands until it momentarily reveals some data, copying it down before the program snaps shut again.

Looks like this is where they store unredeemed codes for the promotion. Score!
? 1-3 Cyberbowl promo code, depending on View used?
View There's definitely some data in there, but it's hidden deep behind the vault's glassy walls. The trick will be getting through the walls without destroying the data inside. ?
Defense ?
Other The vault doesn't seem to take any interest in your batch. ?


Cyberbowl Promo Backend

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