Equinox Coin


Image SpringFallcoin.jpg
Description It's easiest not to look at this coin, just hold it and let the strange power it gives off flow through you. It's like your body is remembering tricks you never taught it.

Even a quick glance will lead to confusion, as the tree on the coin shifts through the seasons as you watch. It shifts constantly from budding to leafless and back again, like some strange stop-motion film.
Type Offhand
Hidden Flags Coin
Use You flip the coin into the water where it lazily arcs into your other hand.

It landed with a barren tree up.


It landed with a growing tree up.
Multi You flip the <number> coins into the air and wait for them to arc back down.

They all landed <barren tree/growing tree> up.


A quick count confirms they landed with <number> barren tree up and <number> growing tree up.
Effects Empowered Reflexes 25
Empowered Strength 25


Fuse an autumn coin and an spring coin by using one with the other equipped.


Break down an Equinox Coin with Plasmic Acid
Plasmic Acid Equinox Coin
= Autumn Coin and Spring Coin
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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