Equipment with Side Benefits

When running around a low-level zone, I often wonder what the best use of my equipment slots is. Don't really need the power/defense from the equipment so there is often other equipment that is useful to wear. Here's a few suggestions (and please add more):

  • Anything with First Aid
  • Anything with XP Bonus
  • Anything which enhances techniques (situationally useful), including a bunch of weapon types and other gear.
festive knit hat Grants effects
frigid scarf
frosty top hat
snowy santa cap
Grants items
blood rose crown*
bone mask
devil mask
festival mask
shining glasses
Vigilante's mask
Grants techniques
HKGames helmet
scuffed mining helmet
Grants encounters
blood rose crown*
abstract domino mask
gallery visor
costume crown
red-lensed goggles
Stainless Skulls helmet
brick knuckles
dancing blade
frosty claw
fused blade
fused pistol
grappler gauntlets
holosight rifle
hungry ooze lash
improbable gun
massive beak
massive snowflake fragment
mining pick
mirror-handled pistol
mislit mask
mislit rusted sword
mislit torch
mushroom spade
postapocalyptic spear
sparkling glass claws
Grants techniques
dueling knife Grants energy
crystalline flame
Zalian defense tool
blade of the snows
charmed chain
all shields
shield of scales
Grants techniques
goblet of bones Charges
all feathers from feathered cloak (various)
feathered cloak Grants items/effects
Rag Man's Cape Grants encounters
elegantly torn pants
ReflexCoil pants
spacious cargo pants
Grants techniques
electrical kit
Myers sampling kit
salvaging tools
Grants items
strange watch Grants energy
black tablet shard
crystal spine
dancing hut figure
Midgard player
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