Eternal Rhythm


Image game%20chip%2025-3.png
Description It's possible you'll get tired of playing rhythm games eventually but, for now, you're ready to keep tapping away forever… at least with regular infusions of new songs. In the meantime, it's made you a lot more aware of timing and movement, which is pretty cool.
Hidden Flags Zaibatsu chip effect
Effects +2 Evasion Power
+2 Reflexes


Using a Eternal Rhythm chip. (100 energy)


You must have a Teso game console equipped for this effect to be active. If you unequip the console, the effect disappears, but you will regain any remaining energy of it if you equip it again.

The computer lab Open Workstation Rhythm Game gives an extra 2 XP in Will if Eternal Rhythm is active.
Enhances Life Of The Party.
Enhances Scripted Dance.

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