Eternal Sparkler


Image spark.jpg
Description A few years ago, a small corp figured out how to make sparklers that'll keep going forever or damned close to it. The company doesn't do much else, but what else do you really need?
Type Weapon
Use (See below) (Not consumed on use)
Effects +4 Fire Power
+4 Perception


The Waterfront only on the Day After Metroplex Day
Specifics are unknown, might be related to setting off firework.


When used:

First Paragraph, one of:

You make figure eights in the air for a while, then switch to infinity signs.

You twist the sparkler through the air, leaving awesome cloverleaf patterns.

You swish the sparkler around, leaving a trail of sparks everywhere.

You write your name in the air with the sparkler. (Playername in CAPS. Three times.)


You try to write your name in the air, but by the time you're done with "<First six letters of player's name in CAPS>", the <First letter> has already faded. (If your playername is six characters or longer)

Or, with Channeling Matsuo active:

You joust with the shadows like Matsuo the Demon Slayer, sending sparks flying in every direction.

Second paragraph:
With Fire Defense ≤0:

The sparkler sheds a brilliant spark that lands on you. You brush it off, but it still left a good-sized welt. You take 1 damage.

With ≥1 Fire Defense:

The sparkler sheds a brilliant spark that lands on you. You brush it off before it can do any damage.

With an unearthly coin equipped:

The sparkler sheds a brilliant spark, but it lands on the coin you're holding. Huh, somebody must like you.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg sulfur, others?
GoldCoins.jpg .30 Curiosities


Using it does not consume energy. Can be used while equipped.
This item is not consumed on use.
No obvious interaction using it with Pyro and 16 fire power, sober or fae sight.

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