For information about the type of techniques, see Etheric Techniques. For the general mechanics of the ether, see Etheric Effects.


Image Eclipse.jpg
Description The entire world seems a little… off, like you walked into someone else's dream.
Hidden Flags Ingestion Effect, Etheric Effect


There are many ways to get this effect. Each point of bonus Eclipse duration will add an additional 1/5 of the total energy to the effect (e.g. +1 energy for an Eclipse tablet, +5 energy for a vial of hound Eclipse).

Many sources also confer additional effects. Except where noted below, you gain as much energy of each additional effect as you do of Etheric, taking any bonus for Eclipse duration into account.

Source Requires Turns/
Additional Effects
5 Energy; Duration Bonus: + 1
Eclipse 1 Body 5 (none)
marshmallow bat 1 Hunger 5 Halloween Spirit
sugary Eclipse 1 Body 5 Sugar Rush
3-6 XP in Reflexes?
toxic Eclipse 10 Body .5 (lose effects?)
10 Energy; Duration Bonus: +2
Eclipse residue 1 Body 10 Burning Vision
Emerald lollipop 1 Hunger 10 4 Energy?
tailored Eclipse 1 Body 10 Limitless Justification
unsettling gelatin 1 Hunger 10 2-3 Energy
candy fly 2 Hunger 5 10 Halloween Spirit
15 Energy; Duration Bonus +3
gummy graveworm 2 Hunger 7.5 Halloween Spirit
gummy scarab 2 Hunger 7.5 Halloween Spirit
Eclipse whiskey 4 Body 3.75 No Pain
third hand pipe 3 Body 5 10 energy of Pep In Your Step*
10 energy of No Pain*
strange eyedropper 3 Body 5 Blue Eyes (does not give normal Etheric)
20 Energy; Duration Bonus +4
Eclipsemelon 4 Body 5 5-6? Energy
moving apple 2 Body 10 Sugar Rush
unformed chocolate 2 Hunger 20 4-6 Energy
25 Energy; Duration Bonus: +5
Eclipse Slammer 8 Body 3.13 No Pain
8-11 Energy *
Gain random (?) item
Eclipse syringe 2 Body 12.5 (none)
hound Eclipse 4 Body 6.25 Bone Spikes
liquified Eclipse 3 Body 8.33 (none)
inky Eclipse 2 Body 12.5 Silver Flow (only with some already active)
30 Energy; Duration Bonus: +6
infused petals 4 Body 7.5 Wide Open
slimy Eclipse 4 Body 7.5 Learn 1-2 Channel the Deep
soaked cell sample 4 Body 7.5 Writhing Flesh
soaked vine fungus 2 Body 15 Learn 1 (?) Take Root
sparkling Eclipse 3 Body 10 Burning Vision
specialty gummy worm 3 Hunger 10 Halloween Spirit
stringy Eclipse 3 Body 10 Spider Venom, if already active
35 Energy; Duration Bonus +7
ghoul elixir 4 Body 8.75 Burning Vision
Learn Ghoul Bite and Call to Feast (total of 5, +1/duration bonus?)
frozen Eclipse 4 Body 8.75 Bracing Cold
Gain some Will XP
personal Eclipse 2 Body 17.5 (none)
smoking Eclipse 4 Body 8.75 Burning Vision
Bone Spikes
soaked Eclipse 4 Body 8.75 (none)
50 Energy; Duration Bonus +10
Eclipse injector 5 Body 10 10-11 damage, Eclipse Conduit skill
survivors' Eclipse sheet 2 Body 25 (none)
75 Energy; Duration Bonus +15
caller punch 5 Body 15 Sugar Rush
(Duration gained/2) XP in Reflexes
cleaning punch 5 Body 15 Sugar Rush
(Duration gained/2) XP in Reflexes
emerald Halloween punch 5 Body 15 (none)
petrol punch 5 Body 15 Sugar Rush
(Duration gained/2) XP in Reflexes
sapphire Halloween punch 5 Body 15 Halloween Spirit
strange punch 5 Body 15 Sugar Rush
(Duration gained/2) XP in Reflexes

All other sources of Etheric are enhanced as well, for example from choice encounters:

* These effects do not gain a bonus from Eclipse duration.

Removed By

There are several ways to get rid of some or all energy of this effect:


If you have the Ocean Eyes or Fae Eyes skills, you get Ocean Sight or Fae Sight instead of the normal Etheric effect, however this is equivalent to Etheric for most purposes. See Etheric Effects for more details.

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