Etheric Defense


Etheric defense protects against damage from Etheric techniques. For specific details on how damage is reduced see the combat page. Defense (unlike evasion) cannot reduce damage below 1-2 points.

In addition to the following, any To Your Highest Defense bonuses when Etheric Defense is your highest.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Etheric Defense Modifiers

+4 achromatic mask, coronation crown, frosty top hat, shining mask
+3 chained halloween mask, heavy containment helmet, festive knit hat, guard helm, hungry ooze caul, retro conductor hat, scarred silver mask, silver mask
+2 call center headset, costume crown, entertainment visor, lieutenant's shades, ordinary scarf, red-lensed goggles w/Red Lenses, scuffed mining helmet, simple blindfold, Stainless Skulls helmet w/certain types of music playing*, torn hunter hat
+1 lucky cap, old spectacles, rubber mask
-2 devil mask
-3 inhuman mask
-4 twisted glasses
+8 crackling branch, massive stone talon
+7 binding chain, glinting spider limb
+6 crystal hound's tooth, Halloween hammer, inartistic crowbar, reflective baton with Mercy Killer
+4 coal focus, charred crowbar, commemorative bone, gauzy parasol, gnawed hammer, heavy baton, mislit rusted sword w/Soul in the Sword, orange hilt blade, skeletal staff, (any silver weapon with Mercy Killer skill)
+3 bony sword, glowing support (without offhand), posturing pistol
+2 artificial bone knuckles, inlaid saber, plastic scythe, reflective baton, stage wand
-3 oily spear
-4 scepter of ice
-6 improbable gun
-8 staring eyeball, Writhing Cable
Offhand Items
MD/2 shield of scales
+20% kraken's pearl
+10% emerald tear
+10 resonant emerald crystal (while in the Collapsed Dorm)
+8 glass salamander (while in Caverns)
+7 silvered shield (with Mercy Killer)
+5 achromatic shield*, crystallized octopus eye, foam tombstone, resonant emerald crystal, silver Eclipse
+4 anniversary pocket mirror (with reflective baton and Mercy Killer), black crystal orb, carnivorous beetle (with Eclipse and a dream effect), cold skull, crystal hand, glass salamander (while Underground), Halloween brick wall, overfull goblet, severed hand, sovereign orb, unearthly coin w/Searing Coin
+3 bloodied crystal, hidden heart, inert cell culture, lapel pumpkin, motivational tombstone, princess bloom, refined crystal, silvered shield, signed fable, survivors' origami vortex (with Eclipse), unearthly coin w/Blistering Coin, uplifting fable
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +Etheric Defense weapon OR Mercy Killer+a silver weapon OR mislit torch), book of gifts, bloody goblet, carnivorous beetle (with Eclipse), detached spider charm, dusty clipboard, fairy tales, flickering candle, honorary catering tray, horrific cyberplans, hound crystal, plush spider, plush wolf, sailor's charm, skull pile, tome of binding, treated cell culture, unearthly coin w/Hot Coin
+1 plain tombstone, unearthly coin w/Warm Coin
-4 numbing skull, orb of ice
+5 heavy containment top
+4 prototype vest, regifted toga
+3 achromatic vest, charmed shirt, festive tree sweater, mirror heart vest, professional cookie sweater, ribbon sweater, shining gang jacket, shining vest, shirt of the hacking gift, silk vest, snowman sweater, witch's robes, worm scale shirt, wreath sweater
+2 bloodied coat, executive jacket, lead vest, posturing pauldrons, remains of a coat, reaper robes, scaled gang jacket, scaled vest, zombie shirt
-3 bloodied dress
+5 heavy containment pants, elegantly torn pants* w/Shiny Patching
+3 interlocked scales, worm scale pants
+2 sheet of scales, silk pants, wispy hospital pants, zombie pants
+4 deputy badge, hunting crucifix, jade amulet, Midgard Player w/Focused Harmony1, Midgard player with Unpretentious Harmony1
+3 ancient focus, haunted PDA, party security badge, orbital watch (with Time Of Peace)
+2 ancient timepiece, crystal slab fragment, dragon twin statuette, eye amulet, lens focused on nothing, rosary, scorched watch, Slags IV, Teso game console (with Dream Investigator)
+1 blown glass trinket
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor,memory cost)
+SL inhuman HUD Manager (1,3)
+3 white noise producer (with neural link) (1,1)
+2 hologame tome (1,2), unsettling loop (with neural link) (1,1)
+1 fractal loop (with neural link) (1,1)
YS cacophony producer (1,2)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
+2 blackened eyes, silver cybereye
-2 arrayed cybereye, shivering cybereye
-4 nightmarish cybereye
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+2 bone plated cyberarms
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+2 bone plated cyberlegs, skeletal cyberleg
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+3 tubegrown brain
-6 crystal focus skull
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 angelic wings
+3 body jewels
Cyberware (Organware)
+3 secret cyberheart, sludge cyberheart, trash cyberheart
+2 OmniBody heart
+5 Glittering Artistry, Primeval Terror, Sugary Death
+4 Bent Knee, Boon of Generosity, Boon of Protection, Fantasies of the Stone, Gummy Pumpkin, Immortal Lie, Incredible Numbness, Jade Protection, Muffled Sight, Numbing Introspection, Residual Antidote, Royal Truth, Smoky Warmth, Unchanging Survival
+3 Fire In Your Belly, Frigid Rulership, Personal Certainty, Pumping Adrenaline, Strange Injection, Underground Rations (while underground)
+2 Bone Eye, Burning Vision, Chained by Regret, Cheerful Candle, Creative Hollowness, Crystal Armor, Healthy Drink, Fearsome Visage, Flicker of Peace, Flickering Game, Friend of Small Things, Garage Metal1, Halloween Lament1, Holiday Cheer, Inspired Imagination, Jade Charm, Mouth of Fire, Paperwork Numbed, Released Cricket, Subterranean Delights (while underground), Survival Bulwark, Tropical Relaxation, Unbeliever
+1 Gummy, Wine Buzz
-2 Backed Down, Holosighting, Shrieking Skulls1, Spooky Music1
-3 Artist's Perspective, Chip Headache, Dancing Mists, Silver Towers Serenade1
-4 Blackstone Teeth, Headsplitting Melody, Stimulated Reflexes, Stimulated Visions
-5 Curse of the Mummy, Dark Smoke, Entrapping Gaze, Frigid Bones, Within The Worm
-6 Lungful of Spores, Wide Open
-10 Broken Mirror, Broken World, Drawn Onward, Empty Heart
+2 animatronic doll, skull fountain
+1 dove plaque
-2 animatronic gargoyle
+FP Legion's Eyes (With Muffled Sight)
+EvP Demon Slayer
* (+Square root of Will modifier) Lord of Nightmares (only if modifier is positive)
+4 Blessed of the Seas (Underwater)
+3 Stellar Appreciation (without Eclipse)
+2 Appearance is Everything (in containment suit), Blessed of the Seas (On the shore), Focused Mind, Protective Faith (with Eclipse)

* See item for additional information
1 Mutually exclusive effects

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