Etheric Guns Update

The Etheric Guns Update was released with the announcement:

December 6th, 2018 - Some very strange new guns are waiting to be discovered in Metroplex

This was voted for in the November 2018 Patreon backer poll.

This content update included:

New crafting recipes

Item Recipe Hidden Flags Notes
regrowing tendrils agar powder + withered tendrils crafting ingredient
clip of teeth empty clip + ghoul teeth Gives Flying Teeth
chitinous bullets empty clip + stone spider chitin Gives Shoot Chitin
living pistol pistol fittings + regrowing tendrils Living Pistol crafting ingredient; Can give Organic Firing
bone pistol pistol fittings + bone flakes Bone Pistol Can give Bone Draw
bone automatic assault rifle fittings + bone flakes Bone Automatic Rifle Can give Skeletal Burst
chitinous rifle assault rifle fittings + stone spider chitin Chitin Automatic Rifle
ghoulish pistol pistol fittings + ghoulish sinew Living Pistol Can give Organic Firing
toothy pistol ghoul teeth + living pistol Living Pistol Can give Organic Firing
bloodthirsty sidearm autotargeting sidearm + shivering capacitors
killer pistol ectoplasmic sample + handmade pistol (quest recipe) Killer Pistol Can give Spectral Murder
writhing gun regrowing tendrils + living pistol Living/Writhing Pistol Can give Organic Firing/Channeled Shot

(The spider leg rifle was added 4 months later with the Spider Crafting Update, which also works as a Chitin Automatic Rifle, enhancing Shoot Chitin.)

New techniques

Chain Technique Type Attribute Notes
flyingtooth.jpg Flying Teeth Ranged Will Gives many techniques; enhanced by Living Pistols/Bone Pistols/Bone Automatic Rifles
spectralmurder.jpg Spectral Murder Ranged Reflexes Enhanced by Killer Pistols
organicfiring.jpg Organic Firing Ranged Reflexes Enhanced by Living Pistols, but distinguishes Writhing Pistols separately
bonedraw.jpg Bone Draw Ranged Reflexes Enhanced by Bone Pistols/Bone Automatic Rifles
skeletalburst.jpg Skeletal Burst Ranged Will Enhanced by Bone Automatic Rifles
shootchitin.jpg Shoot Chitin Ranged Will Enhanced by Chitin Automatic Rifles
channeledshot.jpg Channeled Shot Ranged Will Enhanced by Writhing Pistols

Remaining Mysteries

The bloodthirsty sidearm has no technique learned from it nor any technique enhanced by it. There is possibly a technique from this around 3744-3747 (see Techniques By ID Spading).

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