Etheric Panicking Worker



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A panicking construction worker tears past you, ducking into a recently completed dorm room. The reason for his panic quickly becomes apparent as a warped shape lopes behind him, preparing to corner him in the room.

Summary of Choices

  1. Join the hunt - fight Twisted Hound
  2. Help the worker - fight Twisted Hound
  3. Just watch - fight Twisted Hound, gain extra 2 XP Perception
  4. Walk away - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Join the hunt

Between you and the hound, it takes only moments to tear him limb from limb. Once it seems satisfied he's dead, it turns on you in one fluid motion.

(Fight Twisted Hound)


Help the worker

You leap between it and the worker. After taking a moment to compose himself and choke out a sobbing "thank you," he evacuates the scene.

(Fight Twisted Hound)

Just watch

You watch as the hound tears him limb from limb. Once it seems satisfied he's dead, it glances up at you with its empty eyes and leaps at you without hesitation.

Looks like you're next.

(Fight Twisted Hound)

You've earned 2 XP in Perception (win, lose or run)

Walk away

You walk away, the sounds of sobbing and flesh tearing quickly fading as you move through the halls.

(Walk away)

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