Etheric Power


Etheric power increases the effectiveness of etheric techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Will, which boosts almost all Etheric techniques.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Etheric Power Modifiers

+4 abstract domino mask (with Hide Your Emotions), achromatic mask, bloodied spider mask, bone mask, distorted wolfman mask, frosty top hat, ghoulish crown, harvester mask, mask bug, oppressive skull mask, wolfman mask
+3 black silver visor, call center mask, chained halloween mask, emerald facade, grandmother's hat, hollow snowman head, inhuman mask, mummy mask, sea lord's crown, shining glasses, Third Eye mask
+2 abstract domino mask, buried crown, commemorative headset, crude skull mask, devil mask, Halloween spider mask, HKGames helmet, infested containment helmet, lieutenant's shades, masquerade mask, plague halloween mask, ratty top hat, red-lensed goggles, Stainless Skulls helmet (with Emerald Gift music or Spooky Music)
+1 bloodied lupine mask, fake skull mask, paper mask, polysteel mask, steel mask, unlucky cap
+25% smoldering coal
+9 drowning flame
+8 black gemstone, black sketchbook, bloodied rifle, charred head, crackling branch, ferry staff (without offhand), glowing bone, scepter of ice, skeletal staff, staring eyeball, survivors' origami pistol, survivors' origami blade, Valentine's knife, writhing cable
+7 arachnid blade, bloody switchblade, bone pistol, ghoulish pistol, stretched chain, unending chain, twisted spider limb, whispering flame
+6 black silver chain, bloody icicle, bone edged chain, carved fishing spear, crystal spike, gaudy eye ring, paper mache horn, smoking talons (with trophy talons), vicious chain, worm mandible, writhing gun
+5 chitinous rifle, decaying rib, giant gnarled branch, glimmering flame, living sketchbook, massive snowflake fragment, molting mandible, polar cable, ringing flame, serene crystal, shivering cable, toxic spear, witch's broom
+4 bloodied knife, bone automatic, cold rib, crystalline flame, dormitory rubble, ferry staff, fragile focus, frosty claw, ghoul maw, hollow spider leg, improbable gun, mislit mask, pitted chain, polysteel spider leg, quivering needler, rider's sword, royal scepter, rusted gun, serpent knuckles, smoking talons, toothy pistol, twisting silver blade, waterlogged handcannon
+3 living pistol, massive beak, mold heart (while underground), oily spear, posturing pistol, scraped bone, Stainless Skulls axe, the bone scepter
+2 ancient rifle, bloodthirsty sidearm, bone club, bone spiked knuckles, hooked chain, magical princess wand, Midgard Mk11a, Moodlight glove, plastic chain, shiny butcher knife, stalker's knife, stage wand, stone spider leg
Offhand Items
* (Use target's power if higher) bloody goblet, goblet of bones, overfull goblet
+20% Emerald Gift doll
+10% emerald tear
+8 fragile branch, tear of the earth (while in Caverns)
+7 squirming heart, staring octopus eye, toxic octopus eye, twisted voodoo doll
+6 bloody hand, frostbitten hand, the frozen heart, snowman head, twitching bat wing, venomous angel
+5 achromatic heart*, cabling nest, hidden heart, hunter's heart, mysterious bone, scientist's claw, shadowy heart
+4 argent heart, black glass heart, bloody vase, book of sculptures, clattering chimes, cold skull, crystal face, crystallized music, eightfold book, Fenris tome, frozen rose, gilt heart, headless voodoo doll, horse skull, infested skull, industrial heart, kraken's heart, lost skull, Memento Mori, memos from the crypt, numbing skull, philosopher stone, tear of the earth (while Underground), scary storybook, shriveled hand, skeletal hand, spooky datareader, Stories at an Exhibition, toxic crystal, unearthly coin (with Numbing Coin), weeping heart
+3 animatronic raven, artificial hound crystal, beating sludge heart, chattering skull, hungry doll, medicine pouch, mold heart (while in caverns), raven tales, refined crystal, spidery skull, tome of spells, unearthly coin (with Freezing Coin), whispering doll
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +etheric power weapon or sword hilt), book of gifts, commemorative laser, corpse datareader, crawling golem heart, curved tusk, detached eye charm, fanmod Idoru, giant bat wing, glowing fairy sculpture, horrific cyberplans, hound crystal, hungry ooze, iron cauldron, living sludge heart, odd sketchbook, old fairy tales, pulsating eye, putrid sapphire, scorched gem, secret heart, shield bug, struggling raven, twisted polysteel heart, unearthly coin (with Cold Coin), writhing golem heart
+1 charred blob, clay fairy, commemorative bucket, corroded digging arm, crumpled raven feather, foam skull, lashing golem heart, Metroplex Idoru, spidery ribbon, trash golem heart, unearthly coin (with Cool Coin), university funding bucket
+6 emerald toga
+3 bloodied dress, Rag Man's cape
+2 Emerald Gift STAFF shirt, feathered cloak, immaculate suit coat, infested containment top, nightmarish gang jacket, posturing pauldrons, sailing shirt, skeleton shirt, Third Eye vest, unsealed top, vampire cape, vampire shirt, waterlogged shirt
+1 bloody shirt, ratty suit coat, subdued dress
+3 drenched pants
+2 incredibly abused pants, infested containment pants, pale costume pants, unsealed pants
+1 bloody pants, elegantly torn pants (with Eclipse Patch and a power-activating reinforcement1), ratty suit pants, sailing pants, strange pants, waterlogged shorts
+5 black rose, mysterious puzzle tablet (with Secrets of the Cube)
+4 animatronic snake, Midgard player (with Suspicious Seed), Midgard player (with Twisted Harmony)
+3 black rose bloom, glowing bauble, knuckle strands, mad surgeon's kit, personal focus, raven's eyes
+2 ancient timepiece, bejeweled comm, blood rose amulet, dragon twin statuette, fishbone necklace, knuckle necklace, lens focused on minutiae, lens focused on nothing, lens focused on the stars, Midgard player (with Suspicious Harmony), misty gem, mysterious puzzle tablet, staring blossom, stopped watch, stuffed raven, Teso game console with Arachnid Adventure
+1 black rose bud, Etheric focus, knuckle charm
-4 deputy badge, jade amulet
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor,memory cost)
+YS cacophony producer (1,2), integrated verification (1,2)
+6 staring eye program (with no weapon equipped, with Eclipse) (1,3)
+3 staring eye program (with Eclipse) (1,3)
+2 unsettling loop (with neural link) (1,1)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
+8 eye of the earth serpent (while in Caverns)
+4 eye of the earth serpent (while underground)
+3 glimmering crystal eye
+2 fixed eyes, nightmarish cybereye, shivering cybereye, tubegrown eyes, weeping cybereye
-4 eye of the earth serpent (while aboveground)
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+3 poseable hand, skeletal cyberarm
+2 transparent arms
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+2 transparent legs
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+6 crystal focus skull
+3 demon face
+2 exposed skull
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 dark wings, visible organs
+3 ghost skin, spidery limbs
–2 gossamer wings
+1 spider drone model
+20% Dark Wind
+6 Clearest Eyes, Nest Keeper
+5 Chilling Death, Entrapping Gaze, Nightmarish Artistry
+4 Blood of the Stone, Bone Eye (with no hat), Boon of Commerce, Bottle of Blood, Cold Depths, Dark Bloom, Headsplitting Melody, Parasitic Eye, Royal Truth, Terrifying Introspection
+3 Altered State, Artist's Perspective, Ectoplasmic Gore, Fantastic Fiction,Stomach of Earth
+2 Among Fools, Blood Fumes, Bone Eye, Burning Vision, Crawling Adapter, Fake Blood, Halloween Spirit, Inspired Imagination (with Eclipse), Lotus Map, Ocean Sight, Pulsing Music, Silver Towers Serenade†, Slags Poisoning, Smiling Artist, Song Of The Hunt, Spooky Music
+1 Ocean Song, Plastic Fangs
-1 Annoying Headache
-2 Mouth of Fire, Paperwork Numbed, Jade Whisper
-4 Bent Knee, Creative Hollowness, Jade Cage, Lead Poisoning, Muffled Sight, Smoky Warmth
-8 Grip of the Sargasso, Immortal Lie
-10 Blood in the Snow, Web of Light
= MP Dreamslayer (w/Melee Power higher than Etheric Power)
* (+Square root of Will modifier) Slave To Nightmares (if your Will modifier is negative)
+ Dis Whispers from the Stars (when you have a higher chain)
+4 Warrior of the Seas (underwater)
+2 Third Eye Technique, Warrior of the Seas (while on the shore)
FP Legion's Eyes (With Muffled Sight)


* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions
You can only have one music effect playing at one time.
1 Ballistic Patching, Hardened Patching, Reactive Patching, Spiked Patching, or Steel Patching

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