Etheric Seed


Image rose-closed.jpg
Description For as long as you can remember, which admittedly isn't that long,you've known your body is exceptional. Whether the instincts you have now are inborn or placed there by outside forces, you now know how to twist others' mastery of the ether.
Effects Exact retribution in kind for Etheric attacks


Possible reward for finishing The Black Sketchbook quest, by seeing if the hero bows in the Towering Figure choice encounter, when he has a (blooming) dark rose.


Gives energy of Dark Bloom if opponents use etheric attacks against you.

Amount of energy gained is proportional to the amount of damage that was done to you by the Etheric attack.
Damage Turns Gained
0-5 0
6-10 1
11-15 2
etc etc

Note: if two attacks do 5 damage at the same time, you do not gain any energy. Each attack is considered separately.

Someone reported that doing evil actions extends the energy of Dark Bloom, but I can't reproduce.

If you use etheric attacks, you lose energy of Dark Bloom.

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