Eurasian War Dolphin Arm Grafts


Image dolphin.jpg
Description Unparallelled Eurasian technology make all comrades impervious to melting of polar ice cap. Mandatory cybernetic implantations give great gift of sentient svim enhancements to all citizens. All var dolphins vill report unpatriotic behavior of host as added bonus.
Type Cyber (Cyberarms)
Effects +32 Strength
+32 melee power
-32 Will
Loss of Weapon slot
Loss of Offhand slot
+2 Diving Ability
Ability to speak Eurasian while underwater


Having 30,000 units of foreign currency confiscated by Your Benevolent Protectors:

You hear a sudden thud, and realize it was on the back of your head.

You wake up back at your apartment, unsure how much time has passed. Your torso feels like an Istanbul football field, and your arms are incredibly heavy. OH GOD YOUR ARMS.


20 primordial foods are removed from your inventory on every rollover. If you do not have enough, gain 1 energy of Ruptured Organs for each missing dolphin meal.

Randomly appends one of the following to your chat messages:

Squeak chirp chrrp squeak

chrrrrp chrrr *crunch* OW!

squeeeak Trostkyist sympathies detected *CHOMP*

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