Evasion Power


Evasion power increases the effectiveness of evasion techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Reflexes, which boosts mosts evasion techniques.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Evasion Power Modifiers

+4 the best helmet (with Eclipse)
+3 owl's mask
+2 asymmetric masquerade mask, cap of fools, stainless skulls helmet (with Dance Music)
+6 dancing blade
+5 quivering sword, serene crystal
+4 gauzy parasol
+3 ringing flame, Wormslayer
+2 ancient saber, Ecofuel flamethrower
-2 leaded-baton
-6 Cyberbowl ball
-7 binding chain
Offhand Items
+4 twitching bat wing
+3 mite carapace, raven tales, rolling eyeball, spidery skull, tome of flowers, writhing golem heart
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +Evasion Power weapon or mislit mask), detached fae charm, fairy tales (with Eclipse), giant bat wing, Idoru dancer (with Eclipse), shield of scales (with two serpent suit parts), show Vigilante pistol
+1 crawling golem heart, lashing golem heart, shield of scales (with one serpent suit part)
-2 curved tusk, flickering candle, mechanical shovel, shaky manhole shield
+4 prototype coat
+3 coat of masterful circuitry, witch's robes
+2 coat of defensive circuitry, feathered cloak, snug dress (without pants), vampire cape, vampire shirt (with Eclipse)
+1 filthy duster, sailing shirt
-2 snug dress
+4 blood rose pants w/Swaying Blood
+3 achromatic slacks, hungry ooze pants
+2 blood rose pants, incredibly abused pants, sailing pants
+1 distressed pants, elegantly torn pants (with Peace Patch and a power-activating reinforcement2), honorary punk pants, sentai pants, wrapping pants
+5 mysterious puzzle box (with Secrets of the Cube)
+4 Midgard player (with Ocean Harmony or Suspenseful Seed1)
+3 reflexive jumpjet
+2 aquatic jumpjet, crystal slab fragment, dancing hut figure, Midgard player (with Suspenseful Harmony1), misty gem, mysterious puzzle box, shielded jumpjet, shifting maze, Teso game console (with Eternal Rhythm), unshielded jumpjet
+1 targeted jumpjet
Programs (requires computer as gadget)
YS integrated choreography (1,2)
+6 staring shield program (with no weapon equipped, with Eclipse) (1,3)
+3 staring shield program (with Eclipse) (1,3)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
-1 analyzing cybereye, motionblurring eyes
-2 blackened eyes
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+1 tiger paw
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+3 hooked cyberlegs, integrated jumpjet, rhythmic cyberlegs
+2 bulky cyberlegs, goat legs, Inteternal cyberlegs, recalled cyberlegs, stitched legs
-2 muscular cyberlegs
Cyberware (Neuralware)
-1 tactical neural mesh
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 gossamer wings
+3 spidery limbs
+2 tiger skin
-2 angelic wings, dark wings, solar wings
-3 ghost skin
-6 corroded dermal plates
Cyberware (Organware)
-2 OmniBody heart
+6 Everything Is So Huge
+5 Blood in the Snow, Fountain Blessed
+4 Boon of Generosity, Cavern Chimes (In Caverns), Defense of the Gift1 (with Eclipse), Explosive ReflexCoil, One With Lightning, Panicked Introspection, Silver Flow
+3 Behind Cover, Burning Chips, Dancing Mists, Exploding Candy
+2 Artistic Figure, Cavern Chimes (while underground), Death Averted, Fae Sight, Flaming Encouragement, Forgiveness Sparked, Fused Armor (requires fused breastplate and fused plates), Icy Demeanor, Lightning in your Veins, Marine Cunning, Party Lights, Smiling Artist/Brawler/Pyro/Shooter/Sneak (with Eclipse), Subterranean Delights (while underground), Swaying Blood, Unleashed ReflexCoil
+1 Fae Blessing
-2 Cornered (Call Center), Cracked Ankle, Holosighting, Shaking Legs, Shotgun Saint1, Stainless Skulls1, Unrealistic Gunplay
-3 Venomous Sting
-4 Cluttered Ground, Numbing Neurotoxin
-5 Cornered, Dying Artist, Ink Covered, Parasitic Vine, Watery Grave, Webbed, Within The Worm
-6 Everything Is So Tiny
-10 Set Roots, Web of Light
+1 tired butterfly
+6 Subterranean Rhythm (in caverns)
+3 Subterranean Rhythm (underground but not in caverns)

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions
1 Mutually exclusive effects
2 Ballistic Patching, Hardened Patching, Reactive Patching, Spiked Patching, or Steel Patching

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