Evil Eye In The Park



Encounter Conditions

Must be Etheric

Initial Text

A voice whispers from the shadows. You can't quite understand what it wants, but it's urging you to do… something.

Summary of Choices

  1. Do as it commands -
  2. Listen to its words -
  3. Bind it to yourself (with a binding tome equipped)
  4. Pit your will against it

Old stuff:

Choice Text and Results

Do as it commands

You're not really sure how you got in the burned ruins of a house. You seem to have a bunch of new stuff, though.

You gained 14-19 ?? credits!

You found: 1-3 of riot baton, old jacket, cup of Joe, heavy pistol
(Evil 3 or more)

Listen to its words

You stop and listen to the voice. It reveals secrets to you.

You can't put them into words, but you feel closer to the shadows.

You learned a new Technique: Evil Eye

(Evil 2)

Or, if you have chosen this option and/or used Evil Eye enough times (?)

Its words pierce your mind like needles of green light. You're disoriented, wandering, as the presence pours itself into you.

Finally, as you absorb the last drop, the last glittering gem of wisdom, you feel it disconnect from something in the distance, breaking its last connection with the world outside your mind.

You've learned a new Skill: Gaze Beyond

Pit your will against it

With buffed Will < 8 some condition:

Bringing all your concentration to bear, you push against the presence in your mind. Something snaps and you wake up in a gutter with your vision dancing with stars and your mouth full of blood.

You take 5-8 damage.

With buffed Will ≥ 8 some condition:

With great concentration, you force the presence out of your mind. Something snaps and the presence seems to fade away.

You're not certain if it's truly gone for good, but you feel strength well up inside you.

You've learned a new Skill: Focused Mind

(remove this encounter)

With a binding tome equipped:

Bind it to yourself

You call out to the shadowy presence. It tries to ignore you at first, but the tome compels it to respond.

Slowly… little by little, you break down its will, until eventually you bind the shadow to yourself. The park seems a little brighter.

You've learned a new Skill: Shadowy Presence

(remove this encounter)

Old stuff:

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