Experimental Beaker


Image bubblingbeaker25.jpg
Description Although it's been removed from its original container, this liquid still churns and bubbles. It's unclear what purpose the liquid may have served, but now it seems likely the only experiment you can use it for involves ingestion.
Type Drug
Requires 2 Body
Use See below
Multi You guzzle beaker after beaker, not caring what might happen.

Whew! Whatever's in these has some kick!


Massive Glass Tube


With 0 tube-grown cyberparts installed:

You upend the beaker, drinking it in one go.

Whew! Whatever's in there has some kick!

You've regained 3-5 energy!

With any tube-grown cyberparts, you can learn some technique(s) when drinking the beaker as well. Techniques are picked randomly(?) from the parts you have installed:
Part Technique
stitched arms Stitched Grip
stitched legs Patchwork Defense
tubegrown bones Skeletal Growth
tubegrown brain Tubegrown Thoughts
tubegrown eyes Tubegrown Gaze
tubegrown organ Tubegrown Touch

With 1-2 tube-grown cyberparts installed, in addition to the above:

Your implants quiver with a life of their own.

You learned a new Technique: <one of above>

With 3-4-? tube-grown cyberparts installed:

Your implants move as though you're the intruder in their body.

You learned a new Technique: <any two of above, duplicates possible>

With ?-6 tube-grown cyberparts installed:

You blank out for… some amount of time after drinking the concoction and wake with a head full of strange thoughts.

You learned a new Technique: <any three of above, duplicates possible>

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Curiosities
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