Exploding Candy


Image explodingstones.jpg
Description Tiny little bits of sugar are making their way down your throat and into your stomach, periodically popping. Being startled every few steps is definitely keeping you on edge.
Effects +3 Evasion Power
+3 Stealth Defense


When drinking carbonated drinks, if you have Exploding Candy:

<Standard soda text>

And you don't even explode, what a load of bull.

When drinking carbonated drinks, if you have Exploding Candy as well as an Urban Lore Effect, you get the following result:

<Standard soda text>

You collapse in crippling pain as your innards rupture.

You take <all remaining hp> damage.

You've regained <standard soda energy gains> energy!

Gain ?-22-30-? energy of Ruptured Organs

(Lose all Urban Lore effects and some? Ingestion effects??? - see discussion)


explosive candy (20 energy, 1 Hunger)

Removed by

Throwing up (various ways)

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