External Camera


Image cameraSystem.jpg
Type File system

Responses to Functions

     Function      Message U Result
Offense = 1-3 You hammer at the drone's external camera, but most of the processing seems to happen at the hardware level. You'll really need to smash it to bring anything down from here. 0
Offense ≥ 4? You blind the drone's external camera. 2 Gain 2 XP, removes routine
Command ≥ 1 You twist the camera this way and that, playing with the positioning and focus. 1 Starts searching again if streaming
View = 1 This system just seems to process its video as it occurs; your view just isn't fast enough to keep up with the feed. ?
View ≥ 2, if searching The drone has a pretty good view over Lake Metroplex with the ships heading to and from the Docks, along with local fishers in the polluted southern waters and even the white sails of yachts standing out against the waves of the north. ? Gain 1 XP in Will
View ≥ 2, if streaming signals You see yourself through the camera, standing there hacking the camera system. It's kind of funny, but also a little concerning. ? Gain 1 XP in Perception
The camera doesn't seem equipped to respond to your batch. ?

Active Responses

Every round, you also get:
     Condition      Message U Result
Low attention (Nothing) 0
Medium attention The external camera seems to be searching for something. 0
High attention The external camera is streaming signals to the rest of the system. 2


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