Extreme Gift Package


Image shiny-present.jpg
Description Although you're sure it's just a normal folder of data, the icon for this packaging is a flashy sparkling gift box. You're sort of glad it's just on the screen so you're not at risk of being blinded by looking at it.
Type Data
Use You peel off the outer layers of the file system, accompanied by a nice graphic of a Christmas present being unwrapped. Inside, you find a pair of Extreme Fishing, Inc. programs ready for your use.
Multi You click the files in turn, letting them go through their unwrapping application, each a split second off from the last. It's kind of neat really.

When you're done, you have several copies each of two Extreme Fishing, Inc. programs ready to install.
Effect You found: Extreme Bass XIII player

You found: virtual pet bass


Winning the Extreme Bass XIII contest (forwarded as a gift through Omnimall)


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
computerchip.jpg Can be decompiled, results unknown
GoldCoins.jpg .24 Curiosities
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