Eye In The Sky


Image sensoreyeblack.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense = 1 The eye in the sky is buffeted by your attack, but begins following the batch back towards its source. ?
Offense ≥ 2 The eye in the sky sends a final broadcast back to its host. [1+batch unsubtle] Gain 1 XP, removes routine
View ≥ 1 This Watcher is run largely remotely, called in from outside this system. It seems intended primarily as a diagnostic program, but it'll probably help them ferret you out as well. 1
Command ≥ 1,
Defense ≥ 1,
The routine passively watches your commands. 1

Active Responses

Every round you also get:
Condition Message U Result
??? The eye in the sky moves from subsystem to subsystem, never quite seeming to find you. 0
??? The eye in the sky circles your avatar. 3 or so

If the external camera is broadcasting signals, and the system is aware of you, I still sometimes get one of above messages, and sometimes other.


Shipping Drone Net

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