Fae Acrobatics



Encounter Conditions

40+? energy of Fae Blessing active? 45+?

Initial Text

As you move through the cavern, you find an entrancing sight. Several of the brilliant green lights dance in some sort of aerial acrobatics, creating a complex melody of ringing bells.

Summary of Choices

  1. Watch carefully - Get 5 XP in Perception, unlock cave option in cavern grove
  2. Dance among them - Get 4-5-? XP in Reflexes
  3. Wait patiently - Gain 20-25 HP
  4. Trap the slowest (Only with a sloshing urn in inventory) - Get Ringing Urn (with Fae Blessing) or nothing (otherwise)
  5. Turn away - Get 4 XP in Will

Choice Text and Results

Watch carefully

You watch the lights with interest. They each seem to move with their own rhythm, creating a complex visual web and charming melodies with their bells.

They also swirl up through the mushroom forest that consumes much of the cavern. Periodically one of them leaves into a tiny niche near the top of the forest or a new one emerges from the niche to join them.

You've earned 5 XP in Perception

unlocks cave option in cavern grove

Dance among them

You whirl up into a dance, following their movements, until you eventually lose the rhythm and fall to the ground, exhausted.

You've earned 4-? XP in Reflexes (proportionate to the amount of Fae Blessing you had)

(Lose all energy of Fae Blessing)

Wait patiently

You wait patiently as they continue their dance. After a few minutes, they circle around you in a blur of light before flying off.

You're not sure exactly what that was, but you feel better.

You regain 20-24 HP!

(Lose all energy of Spore Cloud, possibly others)

Trap the slowest

You wait patiently for the slowest of the lights to come near you. When it approaches and you open the jar, it freezes in panic, giving you all the opportunity you need to capture it.

The other lights scatter, vanishing without a trace.

You found: ringing urn

The coin in your hand grows cold. (With unearthly coin equipped)

Turn away

You wrench your attention away from the lights and make your way back towards the center of the cavern. It feels like you ripped part of yourself off, but it works and that's what matters.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

(Also lose all energy of Fae Blessing)

See Walk Away

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