Fae Blessing


Image FaerieonBlack.jpg
Description After your encounter with the Fae, you feel almost like you might be able to fly yourself.
Hidden Flags Mushroom Effect, Unnatural Effect
Effects +1 Evasion Power
+1 Reflexes


Below the Charnel House: Fairy Spring (10 energy)
The Charnel House Reopened: Fae in the Fog (10)
Dockside Sewers: Curious Fae (10), Dance in the Sewage (20), Faerie Target (20)
Mushroom Cavern: Dancing Fae (10), Fae Follower (25), Distant Fae (10 or 25)
Tainted Shoreline: Faerie at the Nest (10)
Third Floor choice: Spinning Hallway (10)
The Cellar Door: Unknowable Rhythm (10 or 20)

Using a trapped faerie (5)
Watching a descrambled TV (sometimes) (only with a 'Fae' skill? details unknown) (5 or 10)
Eating oily sashimi, oily sushi, or oily roll with Fae Sight active (equal to amount of Energy you receive? needs testing)

There are also several ways to extend this effect if you already have some energy of it:

Removed By

Using a Slags Antidote (1 body)
Various choice encounters in the mushroom cave (see below)


Allows you to use an urn to capture the Fae Follower
Allows you to enter the cave of the Fae King from the Cavern Grove.
Unlocks the Fae Acrobatics encounter in the Mushroom Cavern.
You can trade in all energy of this effect for Reflexes XP in the Fae Acrobatics encounter.
Seems to unlock a vision in the royal orb.
Enhances Life of the Party.
Enhances Scripted Dance.
Allows you to learn Fae Leap from Woman with butterfly wings


Turning your back on the Fae Acrobatics or Fae Follower will cause you to lose all energy of this effect.
Distant Fae probably only appears if you don't have energy of this effect.

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