Faerie At The Nest



Encounter Conditions

Fae Sight active
Only if you haven't helped Andrea the Grad Student steal eggs

Initial Text

You see a small, bobbing green light on a rocky outcropping. It looks like one of the fairies and it's definitely trying to get your attention.

At closer look, its hovering over what seems to be a nest filled with large spherical eggs. They certainly don't belong to the fairy, but it's hard to say what it wants you to do.

Summary of Choices

  1. Steal an egg - acquire spherical egg and locks this encounter
  2. Destroy the eggs - heal 21-29? hp, 10 energy of Fae Blessing; triggers Freezing Coin
  3. Leave the eggs alone - Nothing but triggers Warm Coin?

Choice Text and Results

Steal an egg

You grab one of the strange spherical eggs and make your way down the beach. It's surprisingly light, but doesn't seem fragile, so you secure it for a closer look later.

You found: spherical egg

Locks this encounter forever

Destroy the eggs

It takes a surprising amount of effort to destroy the eggs, but you eventually manage by tossing them down onto some rocks at water's edge. Once you've destroyed the last of the eggs, the fairy spins around you excitedly.

You feel like you could take on the world. At least, certainly a lot more of those eggs.

You regain <28?> hit points!

You've gained 10 energy of Fae Blessing.

Leave the eggs alone

You ignore the fairy to turn around and leave. For a few steps, you hear a slight tinkling sound behind you, but when you turn around the fairy's gone.

See Walk Away

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