Fairy Tales


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Description This anthology of fairy tales was released to celebrate Halloween with Metroplex University. There are a bunch of blank pages at the back, so they may not have been able to get enough entries. The "write your own story" advice is probably a cover.
Type Offhand
Use See notes
Effects +2 Etheric Defense
+2 Evasion Power with Eclipse


When using this item you get the message:

A long time ago, before the first Corps were born was an age of legends…

And then one of:

In that ancient time, the hero killed a great worm and split its body open. From its fangs, she forged daggers and from its hide, she stitched armor.

When she was done, all that remained of the great worm was spilt blood and nameless foul organs. Even scavengers refused to approach because of the stench.

So they remained for a single day, but the offal disappeared in the darkness of night. In its place, there stood countless mushrooms, each as tall as a man.

When the first rays of the sun touched them, the mushrooms shrieked like children who had skinned their knees and fled into the darkness of the great worm's cave.

In that ancient time, the townsfolk suffered. Sickness haunted their steps, every night brought new disappearances, and the lake's waters had grown murky.

A wandering hero, willing to brave the foul waters, leapt into the lake. Swimming deeper and deeper into the murky water, she found the entrance to a cave.

The air in the cave was unimaginably stale and foul. Countless shriveled bodies laid in heaps or twisted together like strange trees.

The bodies moved in a wave as the cave revealed its true master: a great worm with fangs like daggers and armor the color of dried bones.

Sickness clung to the lake and filled the air with its sweet scent. With horses and cattle rotted along the roadside, the townsfolk were brought to the edge of starvation.

A child in the orphanage, abandoned by the parents who believed her cursed, grew up learning stories of the heroes of old. So she grabbed a kitchen knife and hid by the lake, waiting for whatever darkness might rise from it.

When she saw one of the diseased horses heading towards the lake, one of its eyes already rotted out as it was surrounded by a swarm of flies. Something inside her snapped and she understood that the horse was somehow at fault… somehow cursed, like her.

So she lept onto the horse's back, stabbing it again and again as her legs sank into the wounds, covered by so much black blood and ruined meat. It rushed into the lake, hoping to wash off its persistent assailant.

Perhaps it even succeeded, because the little hero was never heard from again.

In that ancient time, flowers bloomed that could cure any sickness, grant unimaginable power, and make any dream come true. But the flowers were jealously guarded.

Butterflies rested on the flowers petals and drank of their nectar. Although they were fragile, they saw further than humans and had strange powers.

It's said that one could get she wanted from the butterflies, but that their power also made them capabe of exacting terrible prices. While some brave souls traded their own freedom for a taste of the nectar, most passed that responsibility to their children and grandchildren.

Even today, children of these cursed bloodlines are little more than vessels of the creatures' will.


Halloween Fundraisers 2021, for 500 credits


Whichever story you have read most recently determines which recipe you can get from PolyClay.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg 0.08 Goods
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