Fake Christmas Tree


Image ChristmasTree25.jpg
Description This is a nice fake christmas tree you got down in Southside Park. It's pretty darned festive.
Type Furniture
Use You unfold your new tree and put it in your living room. It puts off a sparkling, fiberoptic glow.
Effect Adds a Christmas Tree to your apartment.


Christmas: Abominable Snowman Leaderboard (The Dorms)


If you have one of these installed in your dwelling, a "Window:" line will appear on your character profile with a link to it. Clicking on the link to "Fake Christmas Tree" in a player's profile gives a message, the beginning of which varies depending on how many ornaments are on the tree:


    #     Message
0 <Player's/Your> tree is completely undecorated, lending it something of a quaint charm.
1-9 <Player's/Your> tree is decorated with <list of ornaments>.
10-19 <Player's/Your> tree is well-decorated with <list of ornaments>.
20-29 <Player's/Your> tree is covered with Christmas cheer in the form of <list of ornaments>.
30-39 <Player's/Your> tree is heavily laden with Christmas cheer. <Player has/You have> <list of ornaments>.
40-49 <Player's/Your> tree is dripping with decorations, like <list of ornaments>.
50-75 <Player's/Your> tree is straining under the weight of Christmas cheer. <Player has/You have> <list of ornaments>.
75-99 <Player's/Your> tree bows under the weight of <list of ornaments>.
100+ <Player's/Your> tree is barely up to the herculean task of supporting <list of ornaments>.

Or, if the player is Kinak or puyo:

<Kinak's/puyo's> tree glows with unearthly light.

The creepy charcoal sketch takes priority in your window if you have both.

The rest of the message lists the number and type of ornaments on the tree, from most to least numerous. Items that a player has equal numbers of are displayed in item ID order. (?) Possible ornaments are:

Multiple Christmases
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
hound ornament hound drone(s) Curious Midgard Knockoff
giant snowflake gigantic snowflake(s) Slaying the master of the Abominable Snowmen
green glass ornament green glass ornament(s) Eye of the Staring Snowman
flickering candle lit candle(s) Fiery Trophy
red glass ornament red glass ornament(s) Eye of the Staring Snowman
snowman head ornament snowmen head(s) A Glassy Trophy
tinsel length(s) of tinsel Merry Christmas(es)!
hound ornament hound ornament(s) Curious Midgard Knockoff
Christmas 2009
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
painted snowflake painted snowflake(s) Second Annual Snowman Killer
icicle ornament string(s) of icicles Second Annual Snowman Terror
white glass ornament white glass ornament(s) Second Annual Snowman Builder
gilt snowflake delicate gilt snowflake(s) Second Annual Snowman Winner
Christmas 2010
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
handmade snowflake handmade snowflake(s) Third Annual Snowman Killer
coal ornament lump(s) of coal Third Annual Snowman Terror
silver glass ornament silver glass ornament(s) Third Annual Snowman Builder
blindingly festive LED blindingly festive LED Third Annual Leader
miniature christmas tree a smaller tree No Stone Unturned
yellow virus ornament yellow virus ornament(s) OmniTech Caroler
clear virus ornament clear virus ornament(s) OmniTech Crusher
old family ornament heirloom ornament Spreading Cheer
Christmas 2011
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
silver explosion ornament silver explosion ornament(s) Fourth Annual Snowman Killer
bloody wreath ornament bloody wreath(es) Fourth Annual Snowman Terror
silver wreath ornament silver wreath(es) Fourth Annual Snowman Builder
star tree topper star tree topper(s) Fourth Annual Leader
emerald heart ornament (an) emerald heart(s) Fourth Annual Snowman Helper
Christmas 2012
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
red explosion ornament red explosion(s) Fifth Annual Snowman Killer
green explosion ornament green explosion(s) Fifth Annual Snowman Terror
white explosion ornament white explosion(s) Fifth Annual Snowman Builder
foil tree topper foil tree topper(s) Fifth Annual Leader
festive head ornament festive head(s) Fifth Annual Snowman Helper
Christmas 2013
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
fang tree topper fang tree topper(s) Sixth Annual Leader
flapped snowman ornament adorable head(s) Sixth Annual Snowman Helper
painted wreath ornament painted wreath(s) Sixth Annual Snowman Killer
snowy wreath ornament snowy wreath(s) Sixth Annual Snowman Builder
unrealistic wreath ornament unrealistic wreath(s) Sixth Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2014
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
snowglobe topper snowing tree topper(s) Seventh Annual Leader
festive knit ornament knitted head(s) Seventh Annual Snowman Helper
red present ornament red present(s) Seventh Annual Snowman Killer
snowy present ornament snowy present(s) Seventh Annual Snowman Builder
gingerbread present ornament gingerbread present(s) Seventh Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2015
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
stocking snowman topper stocking-capped topper(s) Eighth Annual Snowman Winner
snowperson ornament snowperson / snowpeople head(s) Eighth Annual Snowman Helper
black present ornament black present(s) Eighth Annual Snowman Killer
gingerbread house ornament gingerbread ornament(s) Eighth Annual Snowman Builder
jagged ornament jagged ornament(s) Eighth Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2016
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
glittering candle ornament glittering candle(s) Ninth Annual Snowman Winner
friendly wreath ornament friendly wreath(s) Ninth Annual Snowman Helper
red candle ornament red candle(s) Ninth Annual Snowman Killer
snowy candle ornament snowy candle(s) Ninth Annual Snowman Builder
black candle ornament black candle(s) Ninth Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2017
sparkling sled ornament sparkling sled(s) Tenth Annual Snowman Winner
friendly candle ornament friendly candle Tenth Annual Snowman Helper
bloody sled ornament bloody sled(s) Tenth Annual Snowman Killer
traditional sled ornament sled ornament(s) Tenth Annual Snowman Builder
black sled ornament black sled(s) Tenth Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2018
blinking Christmas lights string(s) of blinking lights Eleventh Annual Snowman Winner
blinking candle ornament blinking candle(s) Eleventh Annual Snowman Helper
blinking green light blinking green light(s) Eleventh Annual Snowman Killer
blinking white light blinking white light(s) Eleventh Annual Snowman Builder
blinking red light blinking red light(s) Eleventh Annual Snowman Terror
Christmas 2019
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
swan tree topper swan topper(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Winner
blue Christmas light blue light(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Helper
chisel ornament chisel(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Killer
ice brick ornament ice brick(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Builder
red feather ornament red feather(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Terror
clear swan ornament clear swan(s) Twelfth Annual Snowman Carver
Christmas 2020
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
ice crown topper ice crown topper(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Winner
rose sled ornament sled(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Helper
axe ornament axe(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Killer
white candle ornament white candle(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Builder
manyeyed ornament manyeyed ornament(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Terror
silver chisel ornament silver chisel(s) Thirteenth Annual Snowman Carver
Christmas 2021
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
glowing crown topper glowing crown topper(s) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Winner
collective Christmas lights collective lights (need plural) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Helper
red Christmas light red light(s) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Killer
white Christmas light white light(s) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Builder
green Christmas light green light(s) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Terror
blue chisel ornament blue chisel(s) Fourteenth Annual Snowman Carver
Christmas 2022
Source Ornament Mouseover Text
tinsel star topper tinsel star topper(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Winner
supporting Christmas light supporting light(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Helper
soft red light soft red light(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Killer
bulbous Christmas light bulbous light(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Builder
jagged Christmas light jagged light(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Terror
clear feather ornament clear feather(s) Fiftheenth Annual Snowman Carver

First Use a Day


If your tree is decorated:

<Same messages when viewing the tree from the "Window:" link in your profile—see above>

You bask in the fiber optic glow for a minute before heading out and soak up all the holiday joy you can.

You've gained 20 energy of Holiday Cheer.

Leading up to Christmas

And it probably wouldn't hurt anything to open one tiny little present early.

You found: tiny gift

On December 24th

Hey, it's Christmas Eve! You can probably get away with opening a cookie tin.

You found: cookie tin

After Christmas 2008 (once)

Gave your presents! These included cookie tin, a foil wrapped present, and three tiny gifts. Could also give up to two snowy cookie tins and a cold present.

Further Uses a Day


You bask in the fiber optic glow for a minute before heading out, but you've already soaked up all the holiday joy you can today.


Christmas Day 2022

It's finally time to open all these presents!

You received: sparkling present

You received: cookie tin

A pile of gifts came in overnight in Metroplex U wrapping paper. You haul them into your apartment.

You received: x soft red lights (x = square root of snowmen kills)

You received: x tinsel star toppers (x = number of leaderboards you appeared on)

You received: x bulbous Christmas lights (x = square root of snowmen constructed)

You received: x jagged Christmas lights (x = square root of your scariness)

You received: x clear feather ornaments (x = square root of swans carved)

You received: x supporting Christmas lights (x = square root of times you helped the hipsters)

You received: snowy cookie tin

You've earned the following 2023 Title: "the Terror of Snow"
(Reigning Titles are available until someone new takes the title)

And, if you sent gifts through OmniMall:
Hey, there's something from the OmniMall here too.

You found: scarfed llama

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities


The mouseover text for the gigantic snowflake was "Slaying the master of the Second Abominable Snowman contest" until December 26th, 2010


* If you qualify for a reigning title that you already have, you will not get a message here, but will keep the title.

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