Familiar Face



Encounter Conditions

Only if you gave a crate of Eclipse to the Fang in the Sewers while on the Dr. Thomas Quest

Initial Text

You see some movement between crates nearby. Swinging around, you see the Fang you sold Eclipse in the sewers. He seems to be peddling it to a dockhand.

They're both hunched down low to avoid scrutiny, even though there doesn't seem to be any security nearby.

Summary of Choices

  1. Demand a cut - Gain 11-15? credits
  2. Break it up - Gain 1 XP Strength 1 XP Will
  3. Fire away - Fight Ganger and Dockhand
  4. Ask about the sewer mutants - Learn that sewer mutants have hydra-style regeneration (What is the requirement to see this option?)
  5. Leave them be - Nothing?

Choice Text and Results

Demand a cut

You wait until the dockhand leaves and stare down the Fang. "Hey man… um, thanks for droppin' by. Here, have some cred. Thanks for the Eclipse, bye!"

He bolts between two stacks of crates.

You gained 11-13 credits!

Break it up

You go in shouting and break up the deal. The Fang bolts in one direction and the dockhand in another. Between the shouting and the intimidating, it's a pretty good workout.

You've earned 1 XP in Strength

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Fire away (Evil)

You leap into the middle of the drug deal, guns blazing. Neither of them have room to back up, let alone escape.

Fight Ganger & Dockhand

Ask about the sewer mutants

They both jump a little when you approach, but the Fang pats the worker's shoulder and says "don't worry, man, it's cool. This is a friend of mine." He quickly finishes the transaction and pockets some candybars. The dock hand vanishes back among the crates.

"Sorry. They're jumpy, you know. Think there's crazy stuff in the sewers. It's the Eclipse, I think." He lets out a long sigh, then checks over his shoulder to make sure his customer is gone.

"They're right on this one. 'specially with us out of the picture. Not that I blame you or anything. You're alright in my book." He looks ready to bolt if you make a move towards him, but eventually relaxes again.

"So, yeah. The mutants in the sewers… We heard about them for years, even when I was a kid. Then, a couple of months ago, they just started showing up. Just one or two at first, they say the Vigilante kept 'em down. Not sure I believe that."

"But one day, they ripped open my friend Jackie, just…" He takes a deep breath, as though trying to calm his nerves. "We tracked them through the sewers. It took days to find their hideout. There was a whole nest of 'em in this abandoned subway terminal, like in the stories. We killed dozens of 'em, but they just kept standing back up uglier."

"The big boss caught one with some explosive rounds. Ripped it clean in half. When it grew back into two of them… well, we fucking split. What the hell do you do to that? It's crazy."

He pauses again, as though weighing his options, then nods almost imperceptibly when he settles on one. "The thing that really gets me, though… the big boss did some digging, even called in some favors… there was never a subway terminal there. Not Metros, neither of the old systems, nothing. The tracks go on a ways, then just… stop. It's enough to drive you to sample the stock, if you know what I mean."

"But, I gotta get some work done." He wanders off, deep in thought.

Leave them be

See Walk Away

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