Family Weaponry


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Description The Families move a lot of weapons into Metroplex and build even more inside the city. You've gotten some pointers to help with proper bespoke work. It takes more effort, but you can make some real improvements even on the normal corporate stuff.


Completing the Oldtown Challenge quest for the Families


When crafting armory, you get the additional message:

You manage to make some temporary improvements on your weapon while you're in there.

And this silently adds 10 energy of Weapon Adjustments. (Adds 11 energy if you already have Weapon Adjustments active, effectively so the 1 energy spent crafting does not decrement that effect).

If the item you are crafting uses pistol fittings (and/or empty clip?), you also get (first time only):

You also piece together an old Family recipe.

You've learned a new quest armory recipe: Zipgun - Weaponize an Empty Clip with Pistol Fittings

If you have Good Worker, you get no message or effect. You can still get the effect if you are barehanded although this is probably useless.

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