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The Fangs are a small-time gang in Metroplexity, mostly based around Southside and The Waterfront. They are one the first organizations the player character encounters.

Southside Operations

The Fangs in Southside Park are pushing Eclipse to the local bums. This seems to have started fairly recently - Mikhail asks the player to investigate the changes. Midgard appears to be supplying the Fangs with the Eclipse (see below).

Carlos is a named Fang ganger working in Southside. Possibly crew chief or minor lieutenant, but clearly low level. He has some connections to Little Eddie's and a phone number to the Fang encampment in the waterfront sewers.

Once the player completes the Docks quest, the Southside operations mostly dry up.

Waterfront Operations

The Fangs are equally active on the waterfront, at least until the player meets them. They are shaking down the dockhands and paying off the guards to keep people away from their hideout on the south end of the docks.

Their sewer hideout is hidden in a cave underground, accessed through a maze of sewer tunnels. The nameless gang boss conducts operations from the middle of the cave, near a lake.

Who is supplying the Fangs with Eclipse? If you let the gang boss live, Dr. Thomas says, "thank you for not breaking my toys". Although she doesn't seem particularly put out if you kill the gang boss, it seems she was their supplier. The Fangs' Encrypted Files confirm that Dr. Thomas had multiple conversations with the gang boss.

Fang Points
Nameless Gang Boss
Fang PDA
Fang Graffiti
Fang Addict
Ex-Fang In The Park
Fangs' Encrypted Files
Crude Ganger Map

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