Fantasy Library



Encounter Conditions

Wearing wispy hospital pants
Only if you learned about the library's location today (from the Sorceress's Blessing or from the Alchemist in Bedridden King) and you haven't taken a book today

Initial Text

You find your way to the library you've heard about. Stacks of dusty books loom above you, pressing down with a weight like a crushing hug.

Summary of Choices

  1. Find one on flowers - Gain tome of flowers; locks this encounter for the day
  2. Strive for spells - Gain tome of spells; locks this encounter for the day
  3. Search for the stars - Gain tome of stars; locks this encounter for the day
  4. Just browse - Gain 3 XP in Perception
  5. Find somewhere better - Gain 5 XP in Will

Choice Text and Results

Find one on flowers

You look high and low for books on flowers, eventually finding them in a surprisingly prominent location. It… just seemed strange that they'd be front and center… most people don't care nearly enough about flowers.

You found: tome of flowers

Strive for spells

You look for tomes of spells. It's not like there's a clearly labeled section, but there is a book covered in strange runes. Perhaps it holds the secrets you seek.

You found: tome of spells

Search for the stars

You search for the stars, eventually finding them on a highest shelf. It seems like an obvious choice and also poetry, so the absent librarian could have meant it either way or both.

You found: tome of stars

Just browse

You poke around the library, enjoying the strange books on a variety of topics… actually, none of the words seem to mean anything and the pictures seem to be drawn from children's cartoons from a few years back. But it's the journey, not the cartoonish destination.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Find somewhere better

Yeah, books are for losers, right? You learn all sorts of stuff outside of them and you don't need any books telling you that you're wrong.

You've earned 5 XP in Will

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