Far Above The Sea



Encounter conditions

Must be on Ship of the Damned quest
Fourth Floor


As you make your way through the fourth floor, you hear a muffled moan. Turning around, you see a waterlogged corpse standing behind you.

It points helplessly at the string binding its lips together. Not the first time you've seen that… but still pretty strange.

  1. Cut it free - Helps you get to the stairs if without gourd? Otherwise:
    1. Hand it the gourd - give it its soul
    2. Kill it again - it lets you kill it
    3. Run away -
  2. Kill it again - Fight a waterlogged corpse
  3. Run for it - Gain 4 XP in Reflexes

Cut it free

Without gourd:


You cut the thread binding the corpse's mouth. "You… don't have it… the gourrrrd… our livessssss."

The corpse sighs heavily and its grin falters. "Go… that way. Leave meee." That does look like the direction of the stairs you've been looking for.

With gourd:


As you cut through the threads, his mouth splits into a manic grin. "Youuuuu… have it… don't you? Please… I neeeeeed to die.""They said… you'd come… I didn't believe."

Hand it the gourd:

You marvel at how strange your life has become, handing the gourd to the walking corpse. It kicks back and tips the gourd to its lips with a relish, like drinking a hearty liquor.

A brightly glowing ember falls from the gourd onto the corpse's lips. He stands and speaks in a clear, strong voice "thank you, now it can finally end" before leaping through one of the gaps in the building's walls into the space beyond.

Kill it again (unsewn)

The corpse drops to its knees and lets you execute it without argument or complaint. It collapses to the ground with a smile on its face.

When the corpse hits the ground, it draws a ragged breath. A single mote of light falls from the gourd you're carrying and floats gently into the corpse's mouth.

You found 1 of:
- zombie shirt
- zombie pants
You found 1-2 of:
- ancient gold coins
- rum flask
- sea journal

Kill it again (sewn)

You charge towards the corpse. Its waterlogged eyes widen in shock.

(Fight waterlogged corpse (sewn))

Run for it


You take the corpse's momentary confusion as an opportunity to bolt. Although it's persistent, its nowhere near as fast as you.

You eventually lose it among the rubble.

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

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