Festival Mask


Image festival-mask.jpg
Description This paper mache mask is all painted up for some sort of festival, probably Mardi Gras, although you've heard Downtown is a sort of party-all-the-time. Although, they'd probably have something more expensive than paper mache to make this out of.

In any case, between the blaring colors and the glitter, it certainly fits the part.
Type Hat
Requires 8 Base Will
Hidden Flags Mask
Effects +6 Will


Three parts Paper Mache, one part Glittering Paint Set (1 Energy)
Requires Glittering Artistry active.
pileofjunk.jpg 3 Paper Mache
= Festival Mask


Winning combat with this equipped can teach you Contempt. (See discussion page; likely related to being at full hit points at the end of the combat.)

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg paper mache
GoldCoins.jpg .18 Goods
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