Fiery Transformation



Encounter Conditions

Must have seen Betogad Protester


A strange ripple pulses over the party. You can feel it more than hear it, almost like the beat of a distant drum.

Everyone turns as one towards the center of the party. The strange ripples pass through again and again, almost as though each is triggering several more.

The toga-clad girl near the center of the room is shouting something, her face twisted in anger, but it's impossible to hear anything but the building energy now. She sweeps her hand angrily and a vast wave of green flame extends from it, washing over the students in front of her.

As they burn, the trance seems to lift. Students run in all directions, crashing into tables and getting tangled in decorations.

The sound of breaking windows is added to the cacophony a moment later as vast, dark clouds of bats pour into the hall.

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