Fifth To Sixth Floor



Encounter Conditions

Only on the fifth floor, once you have passed the Two Roads test

Initial Text

You've finally gotten over to the eastern stairs. Looks like it's a straight shot to the sixth floor from here.

Below you, there's a massive pile of rubble that seems to have been set up as some kind of trap. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.

Summary of Choices

  1. Head up - Go to Sixth Floor
  2. Stay here - Stay on Fifth Floor

Choice Text and Results

Head up

You make your way up to the top of the eastern stairs, where they cut off to open sky. A well armored door has been placed at the base of the stairs leading to the sixth floor.

Despite its defenses, it opens easily.

Stay here

You turn back away from the stairs and head back into the abandoned offices.

See Walk Away

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