Figure in Flames



Encounter Conditions

Must be on the Punk Uprising Quest after learning about the mysterious benefactor.

Initial Text

It's not surprising to see a fire on the Quad these days, with the punks running rampant. Something's different about this one, though… not quite a smell, more like a sound you can't quite hear… glass being ground to powder or a song you want to forget.

As you try to sort it out, a figure moves between you and the distant fire. It's bright enough that all you're getting is a silhouette, stooped a little with age, out of place on the campus. Perhaps this is the punks' mysterious benefactor.

Whoever it is, they couldn't have noticed you yet. The most surprising part is honestly that Midgard Security hasn't snuck in a sniper yet to take it out. Security must still be too busy with the punks.

Summary of Choices

  1. Walk up to chat - Nothing, or with Walk with the Blind:
    1. What's your plan? - Information
    2. What is the Legion - Information
    3. These capsules yours? (with a hefty capsule) - Information
    4. Let me join! - Nothing, or if you have picked all the above, Learn Legion's Eyes
    5. Jump him - Fight Silhouette in Flames
    6. Back away slowly - Nothing?
  2. Attack it - Fight Silhouette in Flames
  3. Take up sniping - Fight Silhouette in Flames or Learn Sniper
  4. Leave it be - Nothing?

Choice Text and Results

Walk up to chat

As you approach it to speak, the figure glides away through the flame. Well… that could have gone worse.

Walk up to chat (Walk With The Blind equipped)

The figure begins backing away, skirting the edge of the fire. The fire's light glints off its eyes as it glances down at the book you carry.

"Huh," it replies in a hoarse voice. "What do you want?"

What's your plan?

"Plan?" from its timbre, the figure is probably a man. "It's simple. The punks want to bring war to the Eclipse-heads on this godforsaken campus. But you haven't seen what the real addicts can do when they're cornered. It's… unholy."

"So, they have all the wrong reasons. Some petty grievance about musical tastes and Halloween parties; I don't even know. But they'll go like lambs to the slaughter unless we can help them."

What's the Legion?

The figure shakes its head… his head, by the sound of his voice. "You mean other than a bunch of guys in funny robes handing out pamphlets? Maybe nothing."

"Some take the name more literally than others, I suppose. I think there's a war coming, between Midgard's hellspawn and whatever's left of humanity in this city. I'm not the only one, a few of the Centurions agree with me too."

"Even now, Midgard's creations walk among us… invisible, visible, even wearing our skins. The punks don't know, really know, because they haven't Seen, they've stayed pure… well, pure how it counts. Heh. Have to take help where you can get it, right?"

Are these capsules yours? (with Hefty capsule in the inventory?)

"Hmmm? Oh, yes. Can't fight what you can't see, but can't look too hard. It's… well, I'm probably not explaining it very well."

The figure pauses and you can see its arm, in silhouette, reaching up to scratch its chin. "'Stare too long into the Abyss and it'll stare back into you.' However that goes, that's what I'm talking about."

"So these pills, they let you see into the Abyss, but try to put up a bit of a barrier. I wouldn't try it any other way."

Let me join!

The silhouette shakes its head. "No, I can't… you should start… we need the hands, but I'm not…"

It pauses awkwardly for several seconds, each of which feels like hours, before it retreats.

Or, after asking all the other questions in this encounter?

He nods. "Well, I suppose you know too much to not join now, so it's just as well."

"Tell you what, there aren't a lot of us… real Legionnaires. I'll show you the ropes and leave these guys to you. They… aren't official at all, so be carefully how you approach them. They won't attack their own, but they've been real touchy otherwise. And, well, the rest of the Blind Legion don't really understand us, so I wouldn't expect much help from them."

He steps out away from the fire, carrying a burning brand. Aside from the soot covering him, he looks like any middle-aged man living in Southside. "We don't know much about the Abyss we were talking about. The centurions say it's Hell and full of Hell's own demons, darkness made flesh."

"Me? I don't give a shit why, but they don't like fire, so I'm sticking with fire. Take some of our capsules like we talked about earlier and just focus on the fire, watch for shadows where there shouldn't be and light where there shouldn't be. It'll save your life some day."

He looks you over. "That's all I've got, really. I hope it helps. I'll… I'll put a word in with my Centurion, see if we can't get you on officially." He gives you a flourishing bow and leaves you to your new duties.

You've learned a new Skill: Legion's Eyes

Attack it

As you rush forward, the shadowy figure pulls back into the flames. That… seems like a bad idea, but that probably just means they know something you don't.

(Fight Silhouette in Flames)

Take up sniping

You slip closer, trying to line up a clean shot, but the shadowy figure turns towards you for a moment, then slips into the flames. That… seems like a bad idea, but that probably just means they know something you don't.

(Fight Silhouette in Flames)

With Stealth power≥10 but Ranged power<5

You get to a spot that might work with some more heavier weaponry or even just assisted aiming, but instead, you need to inch closer. As you do, the fire's light betrays you.

The shadowy figure turns towards you for a moment, then slips into the flames. That… seems like a bad idea, but that probably just means they know something you don't.

(Fight Silhouette in Flames)

With Stealth Power ≥10 and Ranged Power ≥5

You keep a good distance from the shadowy shape, carefully line it in your sights and fire a single shot. It doesn't kick as much as the movies would make you expect, just falling, like its strings were cut, into the blaze.

That was clean, almost too clean, but you've picked up some valuable techniques.

You've learned a new Skill: Sniper

Note: You do not need a gun equipped.

Leave it be

You back away from the figure slowly, leaving it to do as it likes.

See Walk Away

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