Filthy Pistol


Image pistol.jpg
Description This large pistol has definitely seen better days. It's coated in filth now, which can make it easier to conceal, but mostly makes it a pain to use.
Class Weapons
Hidden Flags Pistol Weapon
Effects +3 Ranged Power
+1 Stealth Power


Drops from Angered Rat, Cornered Rat, Dockside Ganger, Ganger, Insane Bum, Rat King

Dockside Sewers noncombat encounter: Scavenging (Gang Warfare)
Sewer Hideout choice encounter: Sleeping Soundly
Southside Park choice encounter: Dumpster Diving
Southside Park noncombat encounter: Loose Brick
Waterfront noncombat enounter: Fishing

Using dirty rags or waterlogged crate
Using Monarch's Call in Abandoned Subway or Dockside Sewers
Buy from Little Eddie's for 10 credits


Clean up a Filthy Pistol and replace the Polysteel
Filthy Pistol Polysteel
= Restored Pistol
Apply Artificial Bone fronts to a Filthy Pistol
Filthy Pistol Artificial Bone
= Posturing Pistol
toolbox.jpg Pistol Fittings (x1), Polysteel (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Arms


The description of this item used to read:

You'd think this pistol has seen better days, but each day has been worse than the last. So each day is the worst day of this pistol's entire lifeā€¦ pistolhood.

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