Attacks using fire or explosives. Fire techniques are improved with Fire Power and reduced vs Fire Defense.

Legend (technique derived from)
Limited time content Quests
Unearthly Quest derivatives
Unearthly derivatives No trade
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Fire Techniques

Fire techniques that Evade

Other techniques that do Fire damage

Summary of Fire Techniques

Technique Chain Stat Power Notes Effective
Dynamite 2 None 10 Explodes at the end of round N†
Candle In The Dark 3 Will 1 Enhanced with candle or vs Spectral/Taking Eclipse opponents
Fire Serpent 3 Will 7 Requires Eclipse Y
Petrol Splash 3 None - Not actually a Fire Technique, but interacts with it: each fire attack later in the chain stuns your target N
Burning Mask 4 Reflexes ?? ?
Dust Conflagration 4 Will 8 Requires Etheric; various ways to enhance ?
Fire Run 4 Reflexes - 8 base with incredibly abused pants, can evade ?
Necrotic Vial 4 Reflexes 6 Becomes more dangerous with Eclipse N
Light in the Shadow 4 Will 2 Enhanced with ancient candle; also evades ?
Top Hat Trick 4 Will 8 Only with trick top hat and low Will Y
Nitro 4 Reflexes 6* N
Shape Flames 4 Will 10 Only with Eclipse, cascading N†
Burning Draught 5 Reflexes 4 "more powerful if it can follow sparks" ?
Blazing Torch 5 Will ? Damage varies depending upon whether the torch is equipped and if Eclipse is used, neither is required though ?
Chemical Mixture 5 Perception 6 Deals additional damage at end of round N
Dance of Ashes 5 Will - Evades damage Y
Ecofuel Fire 5 Perception 2 More effective w/Flamethrower Y
Incendiary Grenade 5 Reflexes 10* More with Engineer Explosives Less
Lesson of Stars 5 Reflexes 16+ Only with Eclipse or tome of stars; enhanced following other lessons ?
Live Grenade 5 Reflexes 7 Less
Molotov Cocktail 5 Reflexes 10* Less
Pyromancy 5 Will 6 Increased damage following Pyrophobia Y
Stage Magic 5 Reflexes 14 with stage wand, and Fire Power the lowest
NitroX 6 Perception 7* Can hit multiple enemies N
Breath Of Dust 6 Will 6+ Requires Eclipse ?
Pyrophobia 6 Will 10 If opponent's Etheric Defense > Fire Defense Y
Spectral Smoke 6 Will 8 Requires binding tome or smoldering gun Y
Call the Firebird 7 Will 9 Requires binding tome ?
Devilish Flames 7 Will 10/15 Requires Devil Mask or Etheric ?
Frag Grenade 7 Reflexes 5* Can hit multiple enemies Less
Glittering Ecofuel 7 Perception 1 More effective w/Flamethrower ?
Raven's Eyes 7 Will 14 Following 2 Fire techniques Y
Smoking Ecofuel 7 Perception 2 More effective w/Flamethrower, Smoky Technique, applies Inhaled Ecofuel to targets without an air filter. ?
Steel Rocket 7 Perception 12* Deals reduced damage against foes in heavier armor and can be evaded easily Less
Juryrigged Rocket 8 Perception 12 Only at Long Distance Less
Microrocket 8 Perception 7 Less
Tin Artillery 9 Will 12 ?
NPC-Only techniques

* More damage with Engineer Explosives
† Conditions apply

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