Fire Power


Fire power increases the effectiveness of fire techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Reflexes, Power to Techniques Using Perception, and Power to Techniques Using Will. Most fire techniques are boosted by one of these bonuses.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Fire Power Modifiers

+4 dragon mask (with Eclipse)
+3 grandmother's hat
+2 devil mask, dragon mask, national crown, red-lensed goggles, solar mask
+25% smoldering coal
+8 coal focus (with Eclipse)
+6 Oldtown crowbar
+4 carved crystal orb, charred crowbar, charred head, Ecofuel flamethrower, eternal sparkler, fire etched sword, mislit torch, Zaibatsu mister
+3 stone horn, Zalian multiweapon
+2 red hot pipe
Offhand Items
+8 heart of the earth serpent (while in Caverns)
+6 tamed fire
+4 crystal face (with Eclipse), heart of the earth serpent (while underground), petrol gem, smoldering skull, unearthly coin (with Searing Coin)
+3 beating sludge heart, brilliant spark, demonic spike, fiery blob, glowing draught, tome of stars, unearthly coin (with Blistering Coin)
+2 ancient candle, anniversary pocket mirror (with +fire power weapon), charged sludge heart, church candle, corpse datareader (with Eclipse), dusty clipboard, flickering candle, hungry ooze, iron cauldron (with Eclipse), living sludge heart, scorched gem, Metroplex Day book, unearthly coin (with Hot Coin)
+1 charred blob, clean pumpkin ribbon, smoking blob, unearthly coin (with Warm Coin)
-6 the frozen heart
+1 elegantly torn pants (with Charred Patch and a power-activating reinforcement2)
+4 Midgard player (with Shrieking Seed1 or Whispered Harmony1)
+2 advanced rangefinder, dragon twin statuette, Midgard player (with Shrieking Harmony1), targeted jumpjet, targeting bracelet
+1 rangefinder, rangefinder bracelet
Programs (requires computer as gadget)
+6 staring blade program (with no weapon equipped, with Eclipse)
+3 staring blade program (with Eclipse)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
-2 tubegrown eyes
Cyberware (Neuralware)
-3 tubegrown brain
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 solar wings
Cyberware (Organware)
+3 sludge cyberheart
+5 Breathing Embers, Wreathed in Flames
+4 Arsonist Observations, Share The Pain, Wrecker
+2 Artistic Lighting, Disaster on the Horizon, Fires of Inspiration (with Eclipse), Forgiveness Sparked, Shrieking Skulls1, Smiling Pyro, Weapon Adjustments (w/Fire weapon)
-4 Jade Cage
-5 Degenerate Mists
-10 Blood in the Snow
+1 fiery beetle
+4 Firetamer
+2 Appearance is Everything (in punk disguise), Pyro, Leaping Flame

1 Mutually exclusive effects
2 Ballistic Patching, Hardened Patching, Reactive Patching, Spiked Patching, or Steel Patching

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