First Aid


First Aid heals your character; the more First Aid you have, the higher the chance will be that you will heal yourself after combat, and the more damage you can heal. Healing yourself gives this message:

After the combat, you patch yourself up, healing <x> hit points.

The amount healed is between 0 and [2x your First Aid bonus]. If you have a dusty clipboard equipped and are Etheric, the amount healed is between 1 and [3x your First Aid bonus].

First Aid also increases the hit points gained from resting. Each level of First Aid you have gives a 10% bonus to the base hit point gains of the area you're in, rounding down. For example, resting in The Docks (which normally gives 15 HP) with 3 points of First Aid will restore 19 HP. See resting for details.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

First Aid Bonuses

+1 examination glasses, reinforced surgical mask, paramedic eyepiece
+2 Idoru nurse
+1 medicine pouch, old scalpel, trauma reference
+1 scrubs top, torso wrappings monitoring vest, stained bandages
+3 Autodoc
+2 biomonitor kit
+1 first aid kit mad surgeon's kit
+1 Inteternal hands?
+1 recording bone leg
+3 Surgical Memory Healthy Glow, Personal Certainty
+1 Coagulation
+2 Trauma Tech


The items in the second column do not count when you are using first aid to help someone else heal, through choice encounters for example. (Health Glow, Personal Certainty and Coagulation have not been tested, but it makes sense narratively).

First aid improves the effects of the organ transport box.

Hidden First Aid while resting

Resting is also affected by:

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