Fishing Modifier


Gives a general bonus to fishing.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Fishing modifier

+1 polarized shades
+2 new fishing pole
+1 old composite rod, heavy fishing pole
Offhand Items
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with any fishing pole equipped), inky sapphire
+1 detached fish charm, sea sapphire, water sapphire
+1 Extreme Tackle Box
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor cost)
+2 Extreme Bass Player1, Extreme Bass XIII Player1
+2 Fish Empathy
+1 Bait Worm2, Floating Lure2, Ocean Voice, Reinforced Hook2, Sinking Lure2, Silk Line3, Swimming Worm Bait2, Tempting Hook2, High Test3
-1 Extended Line3, Jagged Hook2
-2 Training Hook2

1, 2, 3 Mutually exclusive effects

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