Fishing (skill)


Image fishingpole.jpg
Description Even in waters as polluted as Metroplex's, there are still fish. Whether you want to eat them is up to you.
Effects Moderately Increased Fishing Yield


Fishing with a skill level of at least Comfortable.


"Needed from last level" and "Total needed" indicate the number of times you get "better at fishing". Note that if you have an extreme challenge hook, you can sometimes get "much better at fishing", which presumably boosts you several points at once.
After "Comfortable", you will no longer improve fishing skill at the Waterfront and should move to the Tainted Shoreline, Ghost Ship, or the Dockside Sewers to improve fishing.

Rank Name Rank Needed from last level Total needed
Just Starting 1 1 1
Learning 2 3 4
Amateur 3 5 9
Comfortable 4 7 16
Solid 5 9 25
Good 6 11 36
Professional 7 13 49
Advanced* 8 15 64

*Extrapolated from Chess. Not currently reachable.


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